Introduction: Headphones in a Helmet

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This is a very simple way of incorporating headphones in a helmet that allows headphones. 
Hint its better to find headphones with a mic and a little remote on the wire so you can change songs or answer a call. 

Adding headphones to your helmet will make your riding more extreme and fun. The music will get you pumped up. 

Step 1: Materials

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Step 2: Take Apart Headphones

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Step 3: Put Headphones in Helmet

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Take out the ear muff part of the helmet. 
Unzip zipper and take out the little cushion things. 
Place headphones into the ear muffs. 

Step 4: Your Done!

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Now go and hit the slopes while listing to music and be Extreme.


The Cartographer (author)2012-03-21


Thank you don't forget to vote I really want this GO Pro

CoxNdix (author)Blechmen2012-04-04

GO Pro? Wrong contest bro

Blechmen (author)CoxNdix2012-04-05

It's in the extreme challenge

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