Picture of How to put Newsprint on Nails
This will teach you a fashionable trick for fun and easy nails, perfect for a night in when you have time to rifle through the daily newspaper.
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Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed

To get started you will need:

· Rubbing alcohol

· A shot glass or other small shallow dish

· A nail color of your choice, a light color works best

· A clear top coat nail polish

· Old newspapers


· A cup of hot tea or hot chocolate—just to set the mood


Step 2: Paint Your Color

Picture of Paint Your Color
Paint your nails with two coats of your chosen color, remember lighter colors work best. Once the two coats are on, you should wait for your nails to thoroughly dry, about 15 minutes should be adequate.

· While waiting for your nails to dry, you can be looking through the newspaper and picking out what you would like to have on your nails.

Step 3: Pick Your Prints

Picture of Pick Your Prints

Go through the newspaper and pick out images and texts that you like--remember that since this is a transfer, the text will be backwards. This is when you can get really creative-- you can do your favorite comic characters, different fonts, horoscopes, and more.

· Make sure to pick out black prints on a white background. If the background is gray your print won’t stand out as well on your nail.

Step 4: The Rubbing Alcohol

Picture of The Rubbing Alcohol

The rubbing alcohol is the critical step to in this process; it creates a surface that the print will stick to. Pour a little rubbing alcohol into a shot glass or small dish and quickly dip your finger, immersing your entire nail, into the glass. Have a piece of newsprint ready to go.

· Do not consume rubbing alcohol! It is very dangerous if ingested!


did it
I love doing this! Mine came out darker, so I'm guessing I held the newspaper on longer. I also finished with a clear coat over the ink so it wouldn't smear or rub off.
I'm curious why not just leave the paper on your nails? Decoupage style?
nsharp13 years ago
It Would also be good if you did an undercoat, then a white/grey coat then the newspaper and then the finall coat, I've seen this some where else.

You can also use comic strips from the newspaper but comes out best of you put the white coat first.

Nice instructible
Laclark (author)  nsharp13 years ago
Do you mean putting the white under the color or just putting the newsprint straight on the white polish? I haven't heard this, I will have to try it! thank you!
Browncoat3 years ago
Neat idea!
Laclark (author)  Browncoat3 years ago
Thank you!
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Awesome! I never would have thought of doing this.