Picture of How to put a 4x4 Rubik's Cube Together
Rubik's 001.jpg
Rubik's 002.jpg

Did your 4x4 fall apart, mine did! Here's how to put it back together.

Note: the 4 different types of pieces are the centers, Right edges, Left edges, and corners.

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Step 1: White centers

Picture of White centers
Rubik's 004.jpg
Rubik's 005.jpg
This step is a bit tricky, because the centers fall out easily. Put the corner of the hook in the center, see pictures.

Step 2: White Edges and Corners

Picture of White Edges and Corners
Rubik's 007.jpg
Rubik's 008.jpg
Rubik's 009.jpg
Now put the pieces back in as shown.

Step 3: Second Layer

Picture of Second Layer
Rubik's 011.jpg
Rubik's 012.jpg
Rubik's 013.jpg
Follow the pictures to put together the second layer.

Step 4: Third layer

Picture of Third layer
Rubik's 015.jpg
Rubik's 016.jpg
Rubik's 017.jpg
Follow the pictures. Put the other edges in after you put the centers in.

Step 5: Fourth Layer

Follow the pictures to finish the cube! When you put these edges in, put a portion all the way in, and snap the other side in.