Picture of How to put a 4x4 Rubik's Cube Together
Rubik's 001.jpg
Rubik's 002.jpg

Did your 4x4 fall apart, mine did! Here's how to put it back together.

Note: the 4 different types of pieces are the centers, Right edges, Left edges, and corners.

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Step 1: White centers

Picture of White centers
Rubik's 004.jpg
Rubik's 005.jpg
This step is a bit tricky, because the centers fall out easily. Put the corner of the hook in the center, see pictures.

Step 2: White Edges and Corners

Picture of White Edges and Corners
Rubik's 007.jpg
Rubik's 008.jpg
Rubik's 009.jpg
Now put the pieces back in as shown.

Step 3: Second Layer

Picture of Second Layer
Rubik's 011.jpg
Rubik's 012.jpg
Rubik's 013.jpg
Follow the pictures to put together the second layer.

Step 4: Third layer

Picture of Third layer
Rubik's 015.jpg
Rubik's 016.jpg
Rubik's 017.jpg
Follow the pictures. Put the other edges in after you put the centers in.

Step 5: Fourth Layer

Follow the pictures to finish the cube! When you put these edges in, put a portion all the way in, and snap the other side in.
NazzG15 days ago

Thank you! I've found the 4x4 is far more prone to falling apart than the 3x3, but that is expected due to the size