this instructable will teach you how to put a Lightsaber onto any image, just in case you were wondering. You`ll need to download a couple of stuff, so, if you don`t want to download GO BACK Now. For the rest of you, go to the next step.

Step 1: Downloads

Here are some links for you to download. If they don`t work, please contact me. Both of these downloads are for Windows 2000 and above.
The first download you will need is a Lightsaber Making Program (LS Maker) -http://lsmaker.uw.hu/page.php?main=lsmaker.html#lsmaker - Then click where it says "here". This download will only take a few seconds.
Now, you will need to download GIMP (optional) - http://sourceforge.net/project/downloading.php?groupname=gimp-win&filename=gimp-2.6.6-i686-setup.exe&use_mirror=softlayer
This one may take a while.Again if any of these downloads doesn`t work, contact me.
These kangaroos... Are not the droids your looking for.<br>Awesome instructable, I'm sure I can put it to good use =)
the lsmaker cannot&nbsp; add the hilt?Only like this?<br />
Oh, you need to download GIMP. its free. its awesome. its at www.gimp.org
most of my attempts fail really bad! please help!?!?!?!?!?
If oyu can tell me what the problems are<br>
Dudez, just chill out, your all right, ok?
Why a lightsaber??
Becuase... lightsabers are awesome, but it can also be anything els
Why on earth does anyone recommend using the bmp format anymore? Sometimes I question why Gimp even includes an encoder for it...
BMP is an uncompressed format (one reason) - which do you prefer (and why)? L
Why is being uncompressed an advantage? Remember we're talking about images, not audio/video where the only efficient and widely used compression methods are lossy. PNG usually gets better compression than any other lossless format, and supports several extra features like alpha channel, comments, color profiles...

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