How to Put a Face on a Dollar Bill (And Make Mini Dollar Bills)





Introduction: How to Put a Face on a Dollar Bill (And Make Mini Dollar Bills)

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I will show you how to make cool mini dollar bills with somones face on it.

Step 1: Save This Picture

Save this pic:

Step 2: Gettin Started

1.) Open it up in a program that has circle/eclipse select.
2.) Seperatly open up a picture of a face.

Step 3: Get Adam Sandler Onto the Bill.

1.) Take the Eclipse selection tool, and put a circle around the selection you want on the bill.
2.) Go to Edit>Copy then click on the picture of the bill then go to Edit>paste.
3.) Use the scale tool to move the face and adjust him so that he just fits in the circle. Then click Layer>Anchor Layer.

If you do not want to print this out, then you are done! Move on if you do want to print.

Step 4: Save N' Open (Optional)

Save this and open it into a simpler program, like ms paint.

Step 5: Optional Editing.

1.) Use rectangle select to cut the cereal code. Use the pic color tool to pic colors for text (Off-whitish background and right click, greenish blackish text and left click) and type over the white spot.
2.) Use the rectangl select tool to make a box around the text you just made. Hold shift and left click. Now move the text over to where the other cereal code is.
4.) Rectangle select the back part of the bill, and flip vertically. Now flip it horizantelly. (Right click - flip/rotate)

Step 6: Print!

I am not going to take pictures because I don't wanna give away any additional facts about myself.

Print it out. Cut it out. Fold in half so that the Face is on one side, and the back is on the other. Unfold. Use double sided tape and place it numerous times. Fold in half again so that this time, be careful not to make a different crease. (Optional) use regular tape to tape the edges shut. TADA!



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    25 Discussions

    This is great now o can trick my friends (smirks)

    I wish I could do Turkish currency,that would be waesome Im uploading a picture of the bill so that you can see

    2 replies

    That would be cool! Maybe you can find a picture of a back of the bill and crop it onto the bottom of the front. Btw. Your typo us hilarious. Waesome.

    it is not the "eclipse tool" it is the "ellipse tool" and ellipse is an oval-like shape, and eclipse, is when you block out the sun. FYI

    1 reply

    not "cereal" it is "serial" cereal is what you eat, serial is a group of numbers.

    Jee thanks... (sarcastic) I was feeling all special! But at least mine uses real color, and you can print them and make fake dollar bills! the U.S. you can do whatever you want with money..... AS LONG AS YOU DON'T TRY AND USE IT AS REAL MONEY!

    not true, it is illegal to make facsimiles of currency, even if you do not try to pass them... Currency cannot legally be mutilated or altered, and the rules regarding copying state: >125% enlargement or <75%- reduction, or BW copying only... now, with these not being direct copies, you might be fine, but making these at a public copy shop might still get you in trouble.