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In this instructable I will show you how to put nearly any linux distro on a usb flashdrive. So you may have heard of  linux before or maybe not. It doesnt really matter if you know all about it or nothing about it. Basically linux is kind of a broad term in the way that linux in itself was made to be a opensource and free computer operating system. An operating system is like what your computer runs. For example there is Windows (which is microsofts operating system) , OSX lion (mac/apple made), and something new google made called Chromebook which you can find out more about here, then there is linux (free opensource operating systems). Anyway linux is broken down into different distros (short for distrobutions). Distros are just the different linux operating systems you can get. There is a buttload of different distros that you can later see in the program you'll download to put linux on your flashdrive. 

So you know what linux is so now you might be wondering why you even care to get it. There are a lot of reasons you might want it that you can read about somewhere. So one thing that I like about Linux is there is like an app store for Linux on it with almost everything free. Another is that is is good for hacking. Say your on someone elses computer and you can't login without their password which you don't have. Good thing is you have linux on your flashdrive which you can boot off of and presto you have your computer on theirs. So about the hacking part its possible to access things on a computer through your linux. Okay enough of bunny trailing. There is actually a linux distrobution called Backtrack solely for security penetration. Yeah that's right, hacking. They clearly state that their distro is for hacking. You can go to their website right here at backtrack to read more about that.

Now putting Linux on your flash drive  means that you can take your operating system anywhere plus everything you have on it goes is on the flash drive. Essentially you can use your computer on someone else's. 

Now if you are really into Linux you might want to use your favorite distro as the main operating system on your computer. Their is always usually (oximoron) a setup kind of file once you install a distro on a flash drive that says install ......... which will replace your current operating system with that distro which I don't recomend unless you have the crapiest operating system and you absolutely hate it. Now enough said about Linux cause next step is how to actually do it.
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