Ever wonder how your friend turned his PSP into a PDA or a calculator, or even a 3-D modeler? Find out how! (Requires Custom Firmware.)

Step 1: Hooking Up Your PSP.

First, connect your cables to your PSP and computer. Go to Settings --> Usb Connection to connect your PSP. Your computer will detect the PSP and it (should) automatically open the root menu of your PSP.
<p>If a person downloaded PSP games from an emulator site, would they just drag those into the game folder as well?</p>
<p>every time I put a game on my psp nothing comes up on my psp memory stick can someone plz help </p>
<p>u have to upgrade ur psp to custom firmware(cfw) and then download games for psp in iso format and then creat a folde in root of psp.and now u are set up:)</p>
<p>u have to upgrade ur psp to custom firmware(cfw) and then download games for psp in iso format and then creat a folde in root of psp.and now u are set up:)</p>
<p>I havenewly reformmatted PSP, everytime I try to put games on the PSP-GAME folder, the only thing shown is that it is corrupte data, what should I do?</p>
So is there anything i can do if it says corrupted data?
is it hacked
awesome there are some great sites on the web the best is www.pspknowhow.blogspot.com if you need to know or need help this is the site for you.I do psp downgrading and unbricking for people I do it pretty much on a donation basis, you pay shipping and handling both ways plus any donation like a psp game or a memory stick or any video game or money, any way my email is dr_lyons@yahoo.com if you contact me we can discuss the further details
so what would happen if my psp isnt compattible will the psp not work or just that program work because bigwhitebear18 mentioned that the psp wont work
can i put the custom firmware from my psp it has original firmware version 3.72
I don't think this will work at all on the PSP Slim unless you like having a shiny brick. Haven't heard of anyone cracking the slim yet. Great instructable though very easy to follow.
the slim has bee cracked for awhile... way before may
I think it's just the psp 3000, though, not just slim. you can check on the bottom of your psp, the first number of the serial number indicates 1000, 2000, or 3000.
i have the psp slim and i in my instructable i made <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/PSP-downgraderunbricker/?ALLSTEPS">https://www.instructables.com/id/PSP-downgraderunbricker/?ALLSTEPS</a> i used the psp slim. so yeah i cracked it so yeah that means im one of the first ppl to do it<br/>
by the way i made a website it is still being created but i got some things runing on it it is <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.elitehackers.weebly.com">http://www.elitehackers.weebly.com</a><br/>
Well I definitely stand corrected. May just have to try this then. Thanks for the info.
I have a PSP slim and I run 3.90 M33 firmware. No bricking 'round here.
They cracked the slim less than a week after it's official North American release.
Same as Kaminarikuzu, just let my friend downgrade it from Official 3.90 using Pandora battery, and now happily running 3.90 M33-3 <sup></sup><br/>
for buying memory sticks, I would recommend ebay. now I know what you're thinking, "I heard some guy bought a counterfeit stick off ebay!". but here are some tips to buying off ebay: when looking for a memory stick, type sandisk. sony memory sticks are the most counterfeited sticks out there, so you already cut down your chances. also, look for a very unprofessional photo. if it's a stock photo, they could be selling tons of these, and are therefore more likely to be fakes. look for the photo taken with a cell phone on somebody's living room carpet. not the pro picture. also, check the price to shipping ratio. if their price is low, but they have high shipping, then if you get a fake they can say, "well, I can't refund shipping...: which is what happened to me. lastly, but definitely not least(ly?) make sure they're not coming from hong kong. almost ALL memory sticks coming from hong kong are fake. or , if you want to play it safe, buy at best buy or something. you know, if you want to pay triple the price for peace of mind.
. you have to have a pandoras battery if you want to un-brick and mod /downgrade your PSP's. you cant downgrade any PSP with firmware 3.51 or above without the Pandora battery.....I just bought a Pandoras Battery from <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.pandorasales.com/index.html">http://www.pandorasales.com/index.html</a> and i got a great deal cause it came (2days) with the 1 gig magic memory card<br/>fully programmed. I hope this helps <br/>

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