How to put applications and homebrew games on your PSP

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Ever wonder how your friend turned his PSP into a PDA or a calculator, or even a 3-D modeler? Find out how! (Requires Custom Firmware.)
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Step 1: Hooking up your PSP.

First, connect your cables to your PSP and computer. Go to Settings --> Usb Connection to connect your PSP. Your computer will detect the PSP and it (should) automatically open the root menu of your PSP.

Step 2: Learning the Root Menu.

Picture of Learning the Root Menu.
This is the ROOT of your PSP. Don't delete any folders, they're all important.
Note the folders, and go to the one named PSP. It should be the fifth folder. Double click, and open.

Step 3: Putting the applications on your psp.

Picture of Putting the applications on your psp.
Downloading some Applications first would help. A great place is PSP-Homebrew. Download what you think is useful and interesting, and go to the GAME folder in your PSP.


What you want to do, is click and drag the application's folders to the GAME folder. If the application has one folder that contains another folder (in which the second folder has all the files), delete the first folder and keep the second. If you have a folder leading to a folder, your PSP will say it is a Corrupted File.

Step 4: Test and use!

Go to your PSP and hit the Circle Button. It will disconnect from your computer, and then you can test and toy with your applications. They should be under the Game section, in the Memory stick area. If it says "Corrupted Data", then you either have:
-One folder leading to another
-An incomplete download/transfer. Reconnect, delete the file, and try again.
-Your PSP Is not compatible with the application. This means you either need to Update your Custom Firmware or the application just won't run on your psp model (Example: Some applications can't run on PSP Slim/Lite).

Enjoy your homebrew and have fun!