Step 1: Step 1

Ok the very first thing you'll have to do is download the cwcheat package and the latest DB (database)
Links are below...

CWcheat package: http://www.mediafire.com/download/6p5dymms6y669x7/CWCheatv0.2.3.zip

CWcheat db: Included in above package

After that on the psp go to SETTINGS>SYSTEM SETTINGS>SYSTEM INFORMATION and you'll see your firmware version ending with letters, WRITE THIS DOWN ON PAPER: YOU'LL NEED IT LATER!

Now plug in your psp through a usb cable or a card reader for memory stick.
Go to the root of the memory stick, there should be a folder named "SEPLUGINS". If not then make a new folder named 'SEPLUGINS'.

<p>Wow, thanks! This is real awesome!</p>
<p>how to download that cwcheat\</p>
It gives you the links in the STEP 1.You must download both files.
<p>Does this work with psp 3000, 6.60? This seems really old, so I'm worried.</p>
Yes.But you must copy the INSTALL file to your root memory stick.
can you do this with a 1000 phat, and with official firmware from sony?
No. You must have custom firmware.
ok thanks

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