Introduction: How to Put Extra Darts on Your Nerf

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Have you got extra nerf darts but you don't know where to carry them during a nerf war? Than , thoose photos will give you some ideas

Step 1: No Materiales Needed

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Step 2: Use Duct Tape

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Step 3: Use Your Imagination


aiden nicholls (author)2015-01-03

This shouldn't even be an instructable it's really impractical and misleading/incorrect

seamster (author)2015-01-02

Cool. I wonder if there would be some way to make a little plastic clip that would allow the darts to pulled off and used (somewhat quicker than tape allows.) Maybe with sugru? Just thinking here. Nerf, fun times!

20099720 (author)seamster2015-01-03

yes, it'd be easy

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