Introduction: How to Put Tattoos on Any Photo Using

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OK i will be telling you how to put a tattoo on any picture !!!!! i will be using wich i will give downloude link in the next step . have fun tattooing !?!?!?!?

Step 1: Thingz That You Will Need

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Things that you will need :
background photo

1 or more tattoo photo
a computer ( duhh )

Step 2: Background Image

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your back ground image should have enough space 4 your tattoo ( a little bit more )  .

Step 3: Tattoo Image

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you should have 1 or more tattoo image . should be small and have no color or a little bit of it like the death reapers face      ( cool ha )

Step 4: Now We Start

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left click on your background image select open whit and then select

Step 5: Inserting Layer 1

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on the top of  the page select layers and then click on import from file  . then select your image tattoo image

Step 6: Finishing

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double click on the new layer that you have created . And then change the mode to multiply or color bum . then slide that thing ( i don't remember it's name ) to 90 or 80 percent then your done

Step 7: Done You Are Now

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now your done . email it to friend and family .
now sit back and watch the chaos .


mariaelise (author)2012-10-11

Where do you get from?? I am trying to make a fake tattoo on my pic but have no clue how :( someone please help

AlexandrA16 (author)mariaelise2016-12-18


amandaghassaei (author)2012-08-19

cool, where did you get the transfer paper for this?

i dident use transfer paper

how did you turn it into a tattoo?

i just turned the the blending mode to multiply or color bum and it worked

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