Picture of How to quickly and easily store paracord

Hey guys this instructable was made to show you how to quickly easily store and extract paracord fast.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies

You'll need some paracord and this instructable.

Thecharacter (author) 1 year ago
*Character you read my instructable " How to make someone feel uncomfortable".
samhdawg1 year ago
Well all yours suck
samhdawg1 year ago
Character u read my thing in how to make someone feel uncofortable
I was going to do the same thing
dojers1 year ago

Sweet! Thanks! I always just wrap the smaller pieces around my hand and rubberband it (works great for making a bundle - not so great when it comes time to undo it!) and the longer pieces I wrap from my hand down around my elbow and back up again. Again, makes a nice bundle - stinks unraveling tho. I'm gonna give this a go.

Thecharacter (author) 1 year ago
Yes, very true.
Also great for extension cords, just start from the middle.