Introduction: How to Raise Your Level on RuneScape (for Lvl 3's)

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This Instructable is for all the people that read my first I'ble and wanted to level up easily.
It basically covers how to get food, where to train, and buy armor.

Step 1: Food and Where to Get It

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Now, you've appeared in Lumbridge after going through all the training on Tutorial Island and you have no idea where to go. Now, you probably have your sword and shield in your inventory along with some runes and an axe and tinderbox. To train up your player you will need food, armor and as good a weapon as you can afford and wield. An easy way to get food is to go up to Fred's farm and kill some chickens there. Then you can just cook them for easy food that heals 4 hp each.

Step 2: Armor and Weapons

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Now that you have your food, you need some armor. Now, you can choose whether to use your runes, sword, dagger and shield for your training or whether to just sell them to get money to buy better armor. I would recommend selling these. You can also do the following easy and fast quests to get money for armor. Sheep Shearer, Pirate's Treasure, Doric's Quest.
If you have enough money for this, go buy some armor and a weapon. When you're lvl 3 you can only wield up to iron so if you have enough money go buy either an iron longsword or scimitar. then buy yourself a shield, platebody or chainmail, helmet, and some platelegs or a plateskirt (girls).

Step 3: What to Train on and Where

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Now, you've bought your armor, you have your weapon, and your inventory is full of food.
Now all that's missing to make you a warrior is something to train on. There are tons of low level creatures to train on around RuneScape. The most common is probably a man or woman (non-player)
These are only level 2 and are found in every town or city on RuneScape. When killed they ussually drop money, so kill them if you're short. Another low-level monster is a goblin. These ugly monsters are
found near Lumbridge, and other places like that. They also come in different levels.Here are the links to all I could find; Level11 goblin, Level13 goblin, Level16 goblin, Level2 goblin (attack this 1), Level25 goblin (do not attack this if you value your life), Level5 goblin.
Now, if you are one of those boring people that don't want to lose any food advancing levels and just want to sit there, clicking one thing over and over again, this method is for you: go to Varrock north of the Ranging store and attack the dummies there. Boring.
There are also impsimps that have the annoying habit of turning up everywhere. Even though they turn up everywhere, you will always find one or two around Falador gates, and about five will be wandering around the Karamja volcano.

Step 4: Go Out There and Fight!

Picture of Go Out There and Fight!

I think the Title says it all. Now, just some last tips. If you die, which you probably will, DON'T PANIC!
You will just turn up back in Lumbridge with 3 of your most valuable items that you had on person at the time you died. I hope this I'ble was helpful. Happy Fighting!


Keith-Kid (author)2008-03-02

In my opinion, You should make it a little longer, just 3 lvls wont get you that far. You should make it at least to lvl 10, at least from there people can make it on their own. By the way, I had a lvl 75 account called yadowshadow. I gave it away. Had 3 dragon waepons, Um...5 sets of rune armor......100somethingk......and a bunc of misscellaneous stuff. Be Members!!!!!!!!

Allonsy (author)Keith-Kid2008-03-02

y did u give it away? u mustve worked pretty long and hard on that acc.. I might do another instructable for higher lvl players... and a few on how to make money..

Keith-Kid (author)Allonsy2008-03-02
After a while, runescape gets boring. Its a cycle. Ask anybody who has ever playes runescape:

  • when you first hear bou it, you think its lame. Then you try it again just out of curiosity. Then it starts
  • First you play for a week or so and its cool.
  • Another week you play juuuust a little bit
  • Then you become addicted to it for a month or 2. You can;t leave the computer!!!
  • Then you get bored of it for 2 weeks.
  • then you repeat the addiction for 2 months
  • then you leave for good

By the way, the lvl 75 was my main. I had 10 accounts.

2range pks

2 mage pks

2 noob accounts

and 3 lvl 50 accounts

I rule
JagexLTD (author)Keith-Kid2011-03-17

One level 133.

One Rich pker level 50

I rule

eheeohoo27 (author)Keith-Kid2008-08-05

lol is there a center to get off addictions? i think u might need one :p

Keith-Kid (author)Allonsy2008-03-02

I have got the perfect money bussiness. Easy, short and you get 300k per load.

1load= 15 min ( if you're member)

I can help you A LOT with that if you make it!

xproplayer (author)Keith-Kid2008-03-14

what is it?

Keith-Kid (author)xproplayer2008-03-15

you;ll have to wait for an instructable.

Allonsy (author)Keith-Kid2008-03-02

um thats kool. I might start like maybe tomorrow? or maybe sometime soon... by the way, I am a mem... could u give me ur username? ill add u.

Keith-Kid (author)Allonsy2008-03-02

I stopped playing when they suddenly flooded us with so many stupid chnges!!!!!!

Allonsy (author)Keith-Kid2008-03-02

i agree with you that the bounty hunter, no pking, no drop trading and the money gift limit so stinks. the grand exchange is good tho.

Keith-Kid (author)Allonsy2008-03-02

what's grand exchange? I left bout 4 months ago

Keith-Kid (author)Allonsy2008-03-02

i said I gave it away. sorry. read the below comment please. ALL of it

JagexLTD (author)2011-03-17

Learn to merch!

henrywfstone (author)2008-11-12

i had like a level 98 with like 18m of items char, i used to play about 6 hours a day and when i wasn't playing it i was thinking about playing it, i couldn't sleep because i was planning the optimum way of doing things and it just got rediculous... ...then i got a girlfriend. stop playing rs now, is my advice.

CapnTac (author)henrywfstone2011-01-12

That comment just made my day, hahaha. I was never as hooked as you were, but I have friends who are, and I always tell them to get a girl, ha.

Allonsy (author)CapnTac2011-01-13

i AM a girl. :P but no, i mostly become a mem for a month every half a year or so nowadays...otherwise i barely play anymore.

CapnTac (author)Allonsy2011-01-15

Sorry, it wasn't directed as an attack on you or anything, so if it came across that way, then I apologize.

Allonsy (author)CapnTac2011-01-16

nah, its all good. hence the emoticon. i suppose the only reason for keeping this ible up is for..uh...historic purposes? nostalgia perhaps?

oh, and i actually agree with you, if you chance to look at the facebook accounts of some of the people that play runescape, you will generally get something like this guy. drives the point home.

icecube3319 (author)2008-06-18

*caugh* excuse me, hi, i'm icecube3319. uh see, my rs acc is also icecube3319 so add me =]
i'm a lvl 52 (i kno i'm a noob) and i need to kno how to lvl up fast and get good money. well, better money. i already pick flax and mine p ess and stuff, i had like 755k. then i spent it, hey, wat can i say? its wat girls do =]. bf helps me alot, too when i'm not on. but sometimes i wanna do it myself, y'kno? so any one out there who wants to help? pls answer on this page, ty!!! and also, i need help on how not to be a noob (besides the whole lvl up thing) i'm purty cool and stuff and i get asked out alot on rs, no joke, infact my bf gets mad sometimes, lol. but anyways...i'm cool and funny alot but ppl who don't even kno me call me a noob? help me help them not to! ty.

ello im a level 55 in members world and a level 54 in f2p howcan i level i ceep dieng in wildy and if i fight things my level i dont get exp can you please help?

Allonsy (author)RuneScape O_o2010-05-24

ommm....well, im not really that much of an expert myself... (lvl 85 mem, 82 f2p)...but...i would suggest learning where tele obelisks are (on mem worlds), raising your defence lvl, bringing good food, or staying out of the wild in general :) i could help more if you would tell me what youre doin in wildy...

Allonsy (author)icecube33192008-06-18

ok... since u went to the trouble of writing such a long comment... I'll get 2 an instructable like that sumtime soon... but im goin to portugal for 2 weeks with my family so ill get it done as soon as i come back (maybe sooner my memship expires in like 13 days so ill be free to do the instructable.) oh yes, i dont know why ppl on rs call themselves noobs its dumb and stupid (and mean.) I have been called a noob countless times but since im lvl 72 not so much anymore... i just usually act stupid and call myself a noob anyway. lol. by the way, my username is rocker11kaci so u can add me, ill add u 2. p.s. i absolutely do not get the point of having a bf/gf relationship on RS. for cryin out loud its a computer game, not realy life! and its not like ur gonna meet them in real life anyway if u dont kno them already. sigh... maybe im just too young to understand.... i dont like anybody like that much. p.p.s. the max ive ever had is 350k i kno its very little but still... ther are many good ways to get easy money on runescape. ill make the instructable soon! l_l (-_-) l_l ...oh yeah. l_l (-_-) l_l

icecube3319 (author)Allonsy2008-07-18

hey thanks for writing back. i'm a lvl 61 now so i'm getting a little better. see, my acc got stolen and i had to recover it. so its locked right now. but i will add u asap. and i found a great way to make money. pure essence. its 157gps each. i make tons off of it. i have 1.6mil. and still going. \/<(-)>\/ rock on!

undeadman76 (author)icecube33192009-01-12

hey icecube i know a realy good way to make money it requires lvl 51 crafting red dye needle thread and silk.what u do is take needle and silk mix them and it may or may not give u party hat.(it may not so dont kill me!!!!!)if it works sell in G.E.and ull have like 1mil.give it a try. p.s.plzzzzzzz give me some money im poor i got like 6k. heres another idea go to google and type in runetips then click guides somwhere bye

Allonsy (author)undeadman762009-12-01

lolz if this was true then everyone would be filthy rich and the party hats wouldnt be worth 1 mil

skylight2407 (author)undeadman762009-02-15

ummm you can't make party hats they were a limited time item you can only buy them from other players, and also if anyone needs any advice on runescape pm me, my username is skylight2407, im level 84 and know runescape well so just ask i'll be more than happy to help.

pindalanderz (author)icecube33192009-02-22

that's cuz anyone under level 80 is a noob. including me. easiest way to make money is put everything in ur bank and ask people for 10k and say u just died or something. being you are a girl that helps too. it depends on your skills. obviously if you have a higher mining skill than wood cutting you will want to mine to make quick money. the fastest way to make money is pking but jagex wrecked it so apparently that doesn't work that good anymore. 2nd fastest way is definitely runecrafting. mine or buy rune essence and craft runes. (once you can craft natures you will start bringin in the big bucks. (I think it's like 10k for 25 runes.

RuneScape O_o (author)2010-05-23

hey guys i need to make mony and lvl but im only a lvl 55 how can i make mony i tried the cowhide thing but it takes to long plz help and all my levels are lower then 50

Sting Teddy (author)2009-08-08

Never buy from shops they are a total rip off... buy from other players or the grand exchange.

cloot100 (author)2009-07-15

im combat level 76 not 3 sooooo..

misty543 (author)2009-05-19

if u guys are quitting runescape can u give me ur accounts?plzz? email me at :

kind girl 10 (author)2009-04-24

i dont noe where is that ? whee is that

Allonsy (author)kind girl 102009-04-28

...just north of lumbridge? ...duh? thats why i put in a map?

skylight2407 (author)2009-02-15

Hey everyone, I'm in the middle of writing an Instructable about merchanting and what to merchant, if you have any items that worked well for you ill be more than happy to add them.

X_D_3_M_1 (author)2008-01-04

i was real great at that game. lvl 96 main. whip. fighter torso. but now it sucks. they made so that more little kids, like 8 yr olds play. they freaking took out the pking! what use was my lvl 60 pure without a real wildy! its not fun anymore.

skylight2407 (author)X_D_3_M_12009-02-15

Whats wrong with the PvP worlds? IMO they're much better than the wildy, old school PvP is much better.

eheeohoo27 (author)X_D_3_M_12008-08-05

be sure not to forget any of ur good features though, don't be shy!!! ROFL

iluvrunescape (author)2008-07-22

that's the basics anyone knows that duhhhhhh!!!!!!

icecube3319 (author)2008-07-18

ok my little rock on person got messed up. but it looks awesome on rs

Allonsy (author)2008-06-18

look, just go AWAY.

Allonsy (author)2008-04-23

if you dont like runescape then dont look at this instructable thank you very much and do not even try to use swear words on my instructables.thank you.

Allonsy (author)2008-03-02

im lvl 70 and i use dragon long and dragon dagger poisoned buahahahahahaha

win1213 (author)2008-03-01

i m lvl 65 i use rune armour buahahahahahahahahahha

Allonsy (author)2008-02-13

hill giants r so easy 4 xp tho, plus they have grate drops. i made 102k just out of hill giant drops. i also just advanced nearly 5 lvls by killin em.

Allonsy (author)2008-02-13

ya but ur lvl 85... im only lvl 68 but i can nearly wield my dragon stuffs... only 7k more xp 2 go now. :-)

0987654969 (author)2008-02-12

i am lvl 85 but i have a lot of xp to get up but its easy cause i atk

Allonsy (author)2008-01-07

okey dokey........ wuts with the gravestones anyway??? i died and my sis couldnt find any gravestone..................... oh ya squeaka wuts merching?

when you die yes you do get a gravestone but some of them dont last very long so that may be the reason your sis couldnt find it

Allonsy (author)2008-01-13

uhhuh... i knew that. oops. if anybody has anymore suggestions pls post em. i need more ideas for instructables!

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