How to Rapid Fire Mod a Rock Candy Xbox 360 Controller





Introduction: How to Rapid Fire Mod a Rock Candy Xbox 360 Controller

About: My name is Taylor, I am an electrical repair tech by day and an engineer by night, after work or free time.

I posted a how to video focusing on a rock candy controller a while back. The mod I walked through was about adding leds to the controller to give it some flare! A few people asked if I can make a rapid fire mod how to. And I did just that! I  designed a small circuit using a 555 timer and a few componets to get a fantastic result. The timer circuit had to run off of 5 volts and had to have a very nice fast output wave. After an hour or so bread boarding I came up with this! There is a small demo at the end of the video. This circuit is easy to make and easy to add to the controller. watch the video for the steps and check out the pictures for the schematic. I only tested this on CoD. Check out my facebook page

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    bro can u help me with a control, is the same as that one but the problem is that i was replacing the left trigger and somehow i damage the trace and now when i play black ops the control is always aiming can u help me fix that

    Ill post a link to the updated version. I added a pot after the 390. I got confused.

    I used an IC pcb. Free hand would have taken a while lol. I later added a 100k pot after the one k for fine tuning.