Introduction: How to Re-design an Old Teck Deck and Make It a Keychain

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I was looking for something on an old box and i found this old toy and i began to wonder what could i make with it, so i decided to make a keychain

Step 1: Materials

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1.- old tedeck
2.- Strong glue
3.-permanent marker (s)
4.-Adhesive sheets of paper (optional)
5.-keychain ring

Step 2: Remove Trucks

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if its n original tech deck, unscrew the trucks, but if its not maybe you will just have to pull out them.

Step 3: Paint and Design

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Paint the deck with your marker (s) and then draw something on the adhesive paper so you later could paste it on the deck.

Step 4: Install Trucks

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Screw the tks again or paste them

Step 5: Paste the Chain

Picture of Paste the Chain

the title says it, paste the chain to the deck!

Step 6: DONE :D

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youre done! u have now a teck deck to go!


dvnfntn (author)2011-05-15

WHats the point of taking off the wheels?

Air_Assassin (author)2010-12-26

or u could paste it to the chain without taking the wheels off

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