Being one of those who bikes as much as possible, i have plenty of inner tubes laying around my garage.  I have also always been a fan of not having to tie my shoes.  I eventually put 2 and 2 together and decided to go with INNER TUBE LACES!

Step 1: Gather Materials

For this Instructable, you will need:
inner tube
unlaced shoes

the reason i have two pairs of scissors, is because the big ones are very dull but the small ones work the best.  you dont' need two pairs, of scissors, it's just what worked for me.
Sweet . i vill do dis
This is a great idea - the first improvement to tying shoes since 500,000BC! I just got done converting a pair of shoes to inner tube laces. Have you seen the price on shoe laces in a Walgreens lately? $3.49 not including taxes! For two pieces of string that, even when used as directed, WILL fail repeatedly daily. When they launched people to the moon, their space suits didn't have boot laces. Imagine Neil Armstrong on the moon tying his boot as it comes untied. &quot;One small knot for a man, one Gordian Knot for mankind.&quot; (hissing sound in suit stops as he ties the boot)<br><br>That said, why on Earth are we still using a half-million year old technology like tying string to hold shoes to our feet? (other than us with elastic or inner tube laces to adapt shoes to modernity)
I think this is awesome! I always chuck out those old tubes..
I bet you could make them stronger by either twisting the &quot;Laces&quot; or braiding some strands together<br />
&nbsp;My guess is they last a little longer than it took to make them. &nbsp;But it would be way cool if I'm wrong.
&nbsp;i've had them in my shoes that i wear every day for a few weeks now, and i haven't had any problems
What is the durability like on these?<br /> <br /> Can they be tied like normal laces, or should they be kept at one setting?<br /> <br /> <br />
i'm not totally sure, i've only had mine for a few days, and i haven't had&nbsp;much time to wear them.&nbsp; But thanks for checking out my ible

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