Picture of How to ready your Uncle Milton ant farm
May be easy, may be not, but I'm gonna show you my detailed description of getting your ant farm ready.

So, I got this ant farm for Christmas, but I couldn't get any ants until May through June so I had sent for them around the end of May and finally got them on June 22 (they didn't cash the check very soon). Well, I ended up purchasing the expansion pack with some food, a water feeder, a poster, a magnifying glass, some ants, an ant fun book, and some other stuff.
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Step 1: Retrieving your ants

Picture of Retrieving your ants
ant farm 022.JPG
ant farm 023.JPG
ant farm 024.JPG
Go to the mailbox, open mailbox, and marvel over the Uncle Milton's package inside.

Take the package out, and head up for the house.

Step 2: Opening the package

Picture of Opening the package
ant farm 032.JPG
ant farm 026.JPG
Set the package on the table, or another flat, pig-free surface.

Start opening one side of the package on the back side (I chose the right first.) This step is hard, considering the flap size that's somehow jammed down in there..... Open the other side, too.

Step 3: Removing the contents

Picture of Removing the contents
ant farm 028.JPG
ant farm 029.JPG
ant farm 030.JPG
ant farm 038.JPG
ant farm 039.JPG
ant farm 031.JPG
Open the main flap of the box and lift the group of booklets laying on top.

Remove the ant tube, and study it (optional).

Also remove everything else including the magnifying glass, the ant poster, the ant food, the membership card, the fun book, and all of those instructions.

Step 4: Retrieving the ant farm farm

Picture of Retrieving the ant farm farm
ant farm 035.JPG
Head to wherever the ant farm farm is actually at (mine happens to be upstairs).

Make your way to where it's at (my bedroom..... don't mind the messiness. I have posters and drawings and that giant pile of crap is actually an organized shelf of crafting supplies that has come out of one of the four drawers I have full.)

Enter the palace--- I mean place... and grab the farm. Mine happens to be by my unused-as-of-now pink shag pillow and my World Explorer animal cards. (Yes, all those papers and stuff surrounding the farm were booklets and instructions that first came with the farm.)
nesplanet11 year ago
flying pie5 years ago
ok what is with the pig/dog
kalamistix (author)  flying pie5 years ago
I have a pot-bellied pig named Cecil.
flying pie5 years ago
do they sell the farm in the store because i dont have a card to buy it online
kalamistix (author)  flying pie5 years ago
Well, my aunt (who lives in NC) bought it at a store, so I guess you could check out locations/dealers on the Milton website.
This makes me want to have an ant farm... but we don't have those here :(
kalamistix (author)  TrinityMacPhisto6 years ago
well that's not cool! (optional; I respect your privacy): here as in......