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Download Recuva from here:>>><<<

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Install Recuva and open it .

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Click NEXT,chose what category of files do you want to recover,after you chose that click next and and select the location where the file was and then click next .If you want a better scan chose Deep Scan (it will take much longer)


AngelC70 made it! (author)2016-02-29

These are the two possible procedures that you can follow to recover deleted data from your iPhone:-

1. You can either restore from a previous backup of your iPhone - To read more about this follow the Apple's website link below:-

2. Else you can simply get a iPhone data recovery software which will extract and recover the data for you from the iPhone's backup. I'd recommend that you use Total Saver to keep things quick and simple. You can read about the software following the above link.

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