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I did this at TechShop Menlo Park. http://www.techshop.com

In the process of painting a boat the registration digits got scraped off for a clean smooth look. Without these the boat is illegal to be in the water. This is how to recreate them:

Step 1: Save your registration digits

Picture of Save your registration digits
And do it somewhere they will last. I made a reminder on my phone and wrote them down on several places. I know this seems redundant, but it is very important. 
Crucio5 months ago


What kind of sailboat is that? Looks like you have a retractable keel.

l8nite3 years ago
I've always just painted mine on but if I had the toys to play with I'd probably go for it...thanks for sharing
Crucio l8nite5 months ago

Using stencils, I assume?

I just got a boat, so I'm trying to decide if it's better to buy some vinyl from a big box store or to buy stencils and paint.

caitlinsdad3 years ago
Is there a marine grade vinyl material to use? Ordinary outdoor sign plastic sheet may not be UV protected or the adhesive may not be good under saltwater spray.