Introduction: How to Make a Trowel From a Plastic Jug! #Lifehack #Ludvic

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this project is really easy...

Step 1: Tools

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You need:
-plastic containers ( the ones that are usually used for detergents)

Step 2: Cut!

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take the hacksaw and cut near the handle

Step 3: Cut!

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now you have to cut the second part of the container

(if you need, you can see in the video how to make)

Step 4: Finish!

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Your work is completed...
and your paddle is ready!

thank for your attention! :D

(and sorry for my bad english)


AngryRedhead (author)2014-02-01

This would be great with a title of "How to make a trowel from a plastic jug"! :D

Ludvic (author)AngryRedhead2014-02-02

Thank you so much for the idea, i know, my english it is so bad :D

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