Step 3: Bind the book

I used this tutorial this tutorial to learn to bind books this way. It's very thorough, so I won't repeat it's instructions, but basically you sew the binding in a particular way with the twine and needle. Make sure it's very tight and secure. That's it!

I like the Japanese style. I have a bunch of out-of-date law reference books (too dated to donate - I checked) that I want to turn into codices. (http://isabell.paradise.gen.nz/Bookbinding/Recreat... The paper is thin (like what is sometimes called 'Bible paper') but is covered with printed text. Maybe I will use them for scrapbooks or use thick markers to write in them - regular pen or pencil is not legible over the printed text.

Thanks for the well photographed instructable!

ChargerIIC5 years ago
The binder clips are a great idea for holding the paper together. I can't believe I never thought of that!
Optimizer5 years ago
 This is by far the simplest and the best recycled paper notebook I've made. I already made 3 of these. Leftover corrugated cardboard for the covers makes for a decently hard surface.
jcoffland6 years ago
Might try drilling the holes. Could probably do thicker stacks that way. Nice project.
nikkishell8 years ago
This is fabulous! I'm going to try it out. Thanks.
NevadaGuy8 years ago
Now I know what I can do with all that "wasted" paper! I made half dozen or so and gave them to some folk at the office... They think they are great and use them for all sorts of notes, lists, and maybe a little doodling.
werkstueck8 years ago
Another quick and easy method for small books is on my flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/werkstueck/497867569/in/photostream/
(it's only in german - but i think the pictures are meaningful)
wiloland8 years ago
Nice "How to" very well done. Juste a line to say you can do some nice binding with recycle stuff. I've made some with wood crates like here: