How to recycle old audio tapes into greeting cards!

Picture of How to recycle old audio tapes into greeting cards!
have fun and use all your old audio tapes... who listen to them anymore??? ;-))
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Step 1: Flower 1

Picture of flower 1
you need:
a crochet hook
plastic ring ( one for every flower - from bottles)
...and of course: an old audio tape
and some paperboard for the greeting card

what to do:
make a look with the tape
then make as many simple crochet stitches as necessary to fill the ring all around

Step 2: Flower 2

Picture of flower 2
when you've covered the ring then make petals:

chain 4
fix with a simple crochet in the ring,
make as many petals as necessary to go around
cut the tape and pull

Step 3: Flower 3

Picture of flower 3
make other flowers if you like....

Step 4: Flower 4

Picture of flower 4
at this point I found out that it might be better to use my hot glue....

Step 5: Flower 6

Picture of flower 6
find a green plastic shopper ... or green paper (magazines are great too!) and cut the stem and the leaf...

Step 6: Flower 6

Picture of flower 6
Happy Spring!
Happy Summer!
jumpthejive7 years ago
i have tried to crochet with tape so many times and it is much more difficult that i thought it would be. Do you have any tips? I could really use them.
knittingmette (author)  jumpthejive7 years ago
forgot to tell that my next "try" will be knitting a bag! will show you soon... I hope! ;-))
knittingmette (author)  jumpthejive7 years ago
no problem for me... quite a big hook, and don't keep the tape too tightly (do you say so??) .. crochet loosely!
ferds827 years ago
its cool yeah
knittingmette (author)  ferds827 years ago
happy to read! ;-))
Very nice.
knittingmette (author)  Lithium Rain7 years ago
thx a lot! knittingmette
sweet i think i might make this for mother's day
knittingmette (author)  littlegandhi11997 years ago
thx a lot! knittingmette