How to Recycle Old Klogs Into Planters





Introduction: How to Recycle Old Klogs Into Planters

Turn an old pair of klogs into pots for plants.

Step 1: Take an Old Shoe.

It helps if it's worn out, and not much good for walking.
You know, with no arch support, and leaves you with blisters, and wet feet...

Step 2: Roll a Piece of Aluminum Foil Into a Cone

This helps direct the drainage to the bottom, so you can catch excess water more easily.

Step 3: Put the Cone Into the Shoe.

Get it go fit the contour of the shoe as best you can, so that youll have plenty of room for dirt, and flowers!

Step 4: Add the Plants!

Put a bit of potting soil at the bottom, and then plants. You can use ones you've already grown, or just put some seeds in there.



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    It's like in WALL-E!!!!!!!!

    That's what I've been planning to do with all my old Crocs! But I'd probably use muslin or something like that rather than aluminium foil.

    I'm planning to do this with old shoes from now on. Its better than sending them to the landfill.

    No, because I transferred those plants that you see yesterday. But I'll put up some follow up pictures when they grow!

    I add pics to mine as they grow also, its nice to see and show how they have grown.

    lol my mom has like 3 pairs of those *schemes to get them away from her* lol