Step 11: Optional special holiday packaging

Picture of Optional special holiday packaging
Package those babies up something nice.

Now, I do realize that the use of plastic treat bags aren't what you'd consider necessarily "green." However, they sure make a cheap, nice and mess-free way to pass out your gift. So, if it makes you feel better just "help" the recipient carefully open the package because they're sure to want to use these beauts right away. Then, tell them you'll throw away the trash but instead just tuck the wrapping right back into your purse to use again. There, now don't you feel better?

What we did to package our crayons:
Using small treat bags purchased at Michael's we carefully placed a crayon into a bag. Then we cut labels out of a recycled cereal box. Next, we set up a packaging assembly line. The littlest helper stamping a swell snow flake print on the front of the label then passed it to the big brother who wrote out the label which I would've liked to have read "Eco-friendly and 100% Recycled Crayon" however I felt the "Eco-friendly" part was kinda false advertising so the boy just wrote "100% Recycled Crayon. Made by..." I sealed the deal by stapling the label to the packaged crayon. I think the results are sorta cute.

And judging from the excitement level of my two picky consumers I think the recipients of our recycled crayons should have a good time coloring with these fun-shaped gifts.

Now to go with these sweet crayons we'll make some recycled paper.
Tyreesa3 years ago
You could always reconstruct your cereal boxes into smaller crayon boxes, instead of just tags. I'd put the brown, papery side out and decorate it to give a fully recycled gift. Old string or yarn would work great to keep the box closed and make a pretty bow.
patrisse5 years ago
Great idea!!! (Funny comments, VERY fun to read :)). I was thinking what to get for my kid´s classmates that was unexpensive yet attractive, and now I know. By the way, the idea about using the ceral box is of great help.... thank you!!!!