How to Refill HP Ink Cartridges in Two Minutes.





Introduction: How to Refill HP Ink Cartridges in Two Minutes.

How to refill HP 21 27 56 inkjet printer cart in less than two minutes.
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    The next printer I buy is HP for its reasonable prices. One of these printer companies is going to wise up and take over the market by selling printer ink refill at a fair price.

    Thanks for posting and sharing really helpful and very useful information.I will probably be using this more often. Useful for all <a href="">Printer Support </a>

    Заправить картридж, киев левый и правый берег, струйные и лазерные, срочно не дорого, кэнон выпускает принтеры как эпсон с уже встроенными чернильными блоками.

    great article.

    already start doing this on

    all you must know about cartridge refill.

    Actually it is easy to refill 21,27 & 56 cartridges. These are easiest cartridges to refill. No worry about leakage if you fill right amt of ink slowly. I used inkclub brand ink from snapdeal & it worked fine. Always use pigment black ink to refill thesec cartridge model no's

    Well If you are careful you won't have that problem.. I refill all the time and have saved alot of money!! I pay $15 for a ink kit that lasts me 10 refills so far the heads on my cartridges have not gone bad eventually though you will have to buy new ones because the heads get worn.. I don't mind paying HP sometimes..

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    Seriously 10X? That's insane! I just went to print my latest draft of a manuscript only to discover I was out of ink ... again! The HP21's were not built to last. It'd be worth it if I could stretch it even by 2x. I only print fast draft so hopefully that'd help too. I'm definitely going to try this. LOL- some of the comments are like "if you're not careful, you'll screw up the cartridge" ... the one they're suggesting you throw away? Well, there's no harm in trying (though I think I'll try doing it outside just in case). But seriously, what's the worst that could happen? $40 for barely 300-ish pages just isn't worth it.

    Refilling is not an easy task. One should really know how to do it to avoid messing up.  I thought that refill ink quality is less than our typical genuine ink jet cartridges but I was wrong.. It is just the same..

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    My first attempt refilling was a mess and I got it all over my hands now I can say I am pro cause when I refill I don't get ink everywhere.. Those that say it is a bad idea or you should buy new ink cartridges must work for HP listen HP and all the printer companies are nothing but trying to get your money.. For instance HP programs the cartridges to say your out of ink when you go through a number of pages even though you may have ink still in the cartridge it is a hoax.. I get the message that my ink cartridge is counterfeit and I need to buy new ones I just ignore the messages Now If I ever get an HP that says it won't print without new ones I will leave HP for good and they will never get my business again and I will Blog to my community about there crooked ways.. This goes for cannon and lexmark the good thing about Canon is you can get a device to reset the cartridge and I will be going to canon when this printer fails for good.. When you refill it does not damage nothing excepy your clothes if your not careful when you start to add the ink and it starts to overflow just pull back in the syringe and it will clear up. If you don't have labels to recover the holes then use scotch tape it works fine once your done refilling then you need to dab the print cartridge on a napkin till you see all the colors which on most cartridges would be yellow magenta and cyan Good Luck!!! Ink cartridges cost $35 to $40 everytime they go out and most of the time it has enough ink left to print a dozen of pages without ruining the heads.. If you refill you pay $15 for the ink and syringes after having the syringes you will only need ink cause you would use the syringes over and over.. You can refill 5 to 10 times or more as long as you catch when it is running out of ink as in you see your pages are fading or skipping when printing just refill problem solved or pay $35 to $40 everytime you run out it is your choice.. You own the printer free and clear you should be able to do what you want without a company saying you can't do that and you have to buy there ink! That is absurd

    good short video this on how to refill ink in hp cartridges...but hp
    recommends buying new cartridges instead of
    refilling as it simply dosent work...having said that i know that new
    cartridges r relatively expensive..just saying!!!

    ever heard of a blowout ink when refilling cartridges? ink in your
    hands,clothes,shoes, floors,curtains, tables and every where.. and then
    sometimes you overfill your cartridges which causes leaks inside your
    printer giving you smudges on your print outs. so no thanks but i will
    just purchase another ink cartridges for hp than to do refill...

    Купить картриджCanon, Hp легко заправляемый

    Hi. Although refilling a ink cartridge is a good idea but i prefer buying ink cartridges. Its true that buying them costs more than refilling, but refilling requires a professional help & a slight mistake can damage the cartridge. So, i advice you to buy ink cartridges from a good, cheap & reliable company like absolutetoner

    Refilling ink cartridges can be tricky. If the printhead has dried up the refilled ink will not flow through and this will result in printing blank or the print will have white lines.The best way to make sure you get good prints from a refilled ink cartridge is to refill it white it is still working and before it becomes empty.

    What type of ink do you use?

    I usually buy at eBay. Get a double kit: One with three bottles of black and one kit with all four colors. It's sometimes incredibly cheap to get stuff like this mailed all the way from Asia!

    sweet i actually have had many occasions where i needed ink and harvesting it from gel pens just doesnt quite cut it :P