How to Refresh Colour of Pale Car Bumper





Introduction: How to Refresh Colour of Pale Car Bumper

Refresh pale bumper on your old car with heat gun.

Step 1: Make It Look Like New

Very simple, and best way to make pale bumper on your old car look like new.
Do not use this metod on painted surface, beacuse you can damage paint.
All you need is heat gun. I find some old, but useful heat gun in my garage.
Turn on your heat gun and keep tip of blower 3-4 cm far from surface. Keep on one place until you see difference, and bumper get back to original color.
Take a piece of thick cardboard when you working near painted car surface, and hold it betwen painted surface and blower to protect paint.
I did this today to my car, and it looks preety good.
I hope this will be helpful.

Step 2:



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    Thanks! Great idea! I'm going to try this. ( :

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    It works good with many different plastic types. I find out that some scraches on bumper can be repaired with heat gun, just heat a bit more and carefuly sculpt and flatten scrach with knife or some flat peace metal.

    This is a really good idea! I have tried lots of things to make my bumbers look new, but they always fade.

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    I am glad this was helpful. I have tried black mate paint, but that is short time solution. I think this will keep bumpers natural colour very long time. Thanx for comment and good luck.