Picture of How to refurbish a rocking chair with Left Over Fabric
My favorite reading chair is a rocking chair that is very stable and solid but which has a ten year old coat of primer, and I didn't have anywhere to rest my feet while rocking. I terrible situation that must be corrected.

Well, I decided that a coat of paint was in order, and I needed a foot rest, and the foot rest should have a removal cushion on top of it to match the new cushion I would make for the seat of the rocker. The foot rest cushion could than be removed if I wanted to use it as a table to rest my cup of tea without spilling it.

That's quite a project, so its off to the home improvement store for paint and paint brushes!

Step 1: Painting the Rocker

Picture of Painting the Rocker
The rocker had already been primed several years before, but I thoroughly cleaned the whole rocker before beginning to make sure I had a clean surface to paint.

Before opening the paint, I gave it a good sturdy shake. Then pry open the lid and its time to paint!

There are a lot of different surfaces on a rocking chair, and I ended up doing three coats, and flipping the rocker over for one of the coats so that the whole chair was covered thoroughly. I choose a high gloss oil based paint to create a sturdy, hard wearing finish for the rocker since I use it quite a bit.

Love the green and the fancy new cushion. Great job! :D