Step 7: The Final Touches...

Give it 2 or 3 coats of varnish and allow to dry.
Note - If using wax or some none drying oils then the eyes will not stick to it.
If its for the garden then 4 coats of exterior varnish.
If using Oak, Chestnut or other durable wood it doesn't have to be varnished and will turn silver and age beautifully.

Give sight!
Glue on some wobbly eyes.
            ...say hello to your own tree spirit.
very cute :)
Hi, as previously mentioned i have incorporated your idea in my lessons at school..... check out step 5 on my latest ible https://www.instructables.com/id/Creative-Photo-Holder/<br>Thanks....Jonny
lol! love them! they remind me of the Poor Unfortunate Souls from the Little Mermaid!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyFVG4VfPmg<br><br>:D :D
Ha! I see the Resemblance, Hopefully these consider themselves to be more fortunate now. thanks!
How does this free any spirit?
It wasn't meant to be taken seriously... Its humour :)
Oh. Um. Oops, okay.<br>*facepalm*
That's the word!
Thank you!
These are fun, I will use these with my Yr7 class as a mini task to introduce them to coping saws. Thanks for sharing :) Can I suggest you enter this into the holiday gifts competition.....Jonny
I suppose I could... thanks!<br>I like the idea of kids learning something different, I remember at school it was simple boats, and duck plaques, if was more interesting I may not have become a taxi driver, HGV driver or fabricator/welder - but then what would my hobby be I wonder.

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