How to Remove CalmWin Free Antivirus





Introduction: How to Remove CalmWin Free Antivirus

CalmWin Free Antivirus is a fake antivirus program which targets your computers save files. note: During removal CalmWin may block deleting, so delete it's bin extension. I'll show you how to delete later in the instructable.

Step 1: Locate the Threat in the Start Menu

i tried searching for it on my search bar, but windows did not find it, so you have to go Start>All programs>ClamWin Antivirus, than do the following action: Right click on Virus Scanner than click Open file location.

Step 2: Delete Some Bin Files

this will prevent delete blocking. please delete the following from C:\Program Files\CalmWin\bin\:
than delete the following folder:
This will prevent any data damage

Step 3: Delete Lib

first before you start format the entire bin folder exept for ExpShell.dll, than do the following deletion actions:
delete C:\Program Files\CalmWin\lib\w9xopen.exe\
delete C:\Program Files\CalmWin\lib\wxmsw24h.dll\
delete C:\Program Files\CalmWin\lib\\

Step 4: Run Uninstaller or Strong Antivirus Product

Knowing the uninstaller is the only safe part of the program, you should go back into the start menu and locate Uninstall ClamWin Free Antivirus or get a strong antivirus program that can delete even write protected files like YDL anti virus but that won't be finished till probably 2018 so by that time your computer could be gone... so i reccomend you just run unins000.exe for now.



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    I was not meant to mimick ClamWin, it was just looking like an "A" before the "L" in ClamWin and removing the "A" before the "M" not just that, it was the version before python had a better counter, i'll go anylize the new ClamWin and see if they improved on their security, MacAfee Anti Virus reported ClamWin as a threat, but have better information than me, or was the earlier version made in C++?.

    Yea it is, i think he found a fake one that is actually a virus.

    Yes! Corrupts save points and files even can slow down 105GB RAM PC's

    I can't find any information about any fake clamwin viruses. Also his pictures all look like legitimate clamwin shots.

    Isn't clamwin a respected GPL opensource program?