Step 4: Removing Cone Speaker(s) and Gaining Access to the Speaker Cabinet Interior

Once the molded plastic speaker grille is completely loosened, lift it out of the way, but make a special effort to keep the glued areas free of dirt and dust.

In my speaker model, the speaker to the horn was attached to the molded plastic speaker grille and had to be removed (two phillips-head screws).

One cone speaker was then removed, by removing four phillips-head screws, and gently pried off with the sharp, broad-face wood chisel, until it released from a foam gasket-seal.  Again, be sure not to damage this foam seal as it prevents vibration, as well as provides a sound-tight seal for the speaker enclosure.  The molded plastic speaker grille and speaker cabinet are carefully designed to allow sound to escape in a controlled and restricted manner, to maximize sound.  And the foam seals/gaskets ensure this.
<p>This is not the proper way of removing a speaker cover. Trust me I've done this to 5 set of speakers and made it look like the covers were never removed. What you need is the same tools to remove a glass display for a tablet, this is a plastic tool, this helps so you don't destroy the wood with the screw drivers like this fellow recommended. Start at one corner then start prying with your hands, not anything else. I'ts hard at first but you get their little by little. And that's how you remove a speaker cover from it's wooden box. </p>
I did it! My speakers had broken wire and I put a new 14awg wires. Thank you on this tutorial. :)
<p>The title is kinda an oxymoron, but it helped me. Thanks!</p>
Nice !!!!!! And my method is sledge hammer !!!!! Take care of your speaker 's cuz im coming
Nice write up, wish I'd seen it before I went at mine. Oh well, one small mar won't be notice. I'm adding a small internal amplifier so that this once ordinary bookshelf speaker will be a bookshelf iPod dock. Will post a write up when it is done.
i did this a long time a go sweet <br>
i used a mallet

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