Picture of How to remove a wood stove?
So you are debating whether to pay someone or DIY remove your wood stove.  You should give this a go only if:

1) There are at least 2 people available
2) All involved are healthy enough to do heavy lifting

Otherwise pay someone to avoid any possible injury.  

You will need the following:

* Screw Driver
* Hammer
* Furniture Dolly
* Working gloves
* ladder (and access to the roof where the chimney is located)
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Step 1: Remove outside-chimney: top

Picture of Remove outside-chimney: top
Portland09 278.jpg
Portland09 281.jpg
Portland09 286.jpg
Portland09 292.jpg
Portland09 287.jpg
The first thing that comes off is the chimney:

* Climb on to the roof where the chimney is located.  
* Using a screw driver, unscrew the top portion of the chimney, put the Chimney top aside.

Step 2: Remove outside-chimney: bottom

 Now the bottom portion of the chimney needs to be removed:

* Using a hammer, pry underneath the shingles.
* Remove the nails holding down the chimney base.
* Remove the skirt (if any) over the bottom of the chimney.  The skirt is used to keep the chimney snug in the hole with the chimney base.
* Remove the bottom portion of chimney.

Step 3: Remove nails holding inside-chimney

Picture of Remove nails holding inside-chimney
Portland09 335.jpg
Portland09 341.jpg
 In this step you will:

* remove the nails, which are holding the inside-chimney with the ceiling.

Step 4: Remove inside-chimney

Picture of Remove inside-chimney
Portland09 351.jpg
Portland09 356.jpg
Portland09 359.jpg
Portland09 362.jpg
Portland09 365.jpg
 Now we move back inside the house.  

* Using a mallot or a small piece of wood with a hammer, hit on the inside-chimney to free it up from its connected bottom portion.
* take out the inside-chimney's top portion off from the ceiling.
* remove the bottom portion of the inside-chimney.
* now you are left with the free standing wood stove, free from any connected chimney. 

Step 5: Wood stove: lift up

Picture of Wood stove: lift up
Portland09 566.jpg
The last step is where heavy lifting is required.  Try to remove as many parts of the stove as possible, e.g. the door of the stove, which can be close to 40-50 lbs.

* Be sure to use proper care while Lifting Heavy Objects.
* Use a Furniture Dolly to move the wood stove out of the room.

Now the wood stove is gone, the last pictures show that the carpet was patched and a new sofa sits where the wood stove used to be.