Introduction: How to Remove Brake Dust With Toothpaste

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First of all removing brake dust can be so hard!!!

But we found an idea and want to give it a try :)

Step 1: Tools (as Always :))

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Toothpaste and a soft cloath ;)

Step 2: #1

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Put some toothpaste on the soft cloath and start cleaning the surface

Step 3: #2

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When you get around get some clear water and sprinkle the rim.

Step 4: What We Promised :)

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The best evidence is this picture!

Step 5: The End

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You can clean all of your rims in 30 minutes and it's only cost a quarter of a toothpaste. We think it's worth it ;)

That's the ShiftyWay!!!


adenda2 (author)2015-07-07

toothpaste is great for cleaning lots of things! even teeth! haha, good instructible

ShiftyTips (author)adenda22015-07-08

It was not invented to brush your teeth :)

Thanks for your comment!

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