Step 3: Remove Tint

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Start on one of the small rear panels (who cares about them anyhow)
5) Pass the steamer into the car through an open window (you can open the door, but then the door ajar chime will go continuously while you listen to music
6) Look closely around the edge of the window you're working on. You should be able to see the edge of the tint on top of the glass. Once you've found a corner where you can see the tint that is the corner you should start on. (sometimes it will continue just under the trim on one side, start on a different side)
7) Steam away! (don't worry that the molding will get wet, just put down your beer and wipe it with your free hand, or just drink your beer)
Start steaming that area. Hold the steamer there for probably a minute or so, just on that corner. Hold the steamer anywhere from 1/2" to 2" away from the glass, and steam the corner and the 4" or so around the corner.
Once you've steamed the hell out of the window, Carefully pick at the corner with your fingernail. If it isn't easy to move the tint a little with your fingernail steam some more (do not use a razorblade!) you do not need it, if it doesn't come up, just steam some more.
9) Keep steaming and then picking at it a little bit, until you have enough tint pulled up that you can pull it with your fingers.
10) Gently keep pulling, or if it does not come up easily, fold the bit you've pulled up under, so it doesn't stick again and keep steaming. As I pulled I was worried that I was going to pull the frit (black border around glass) off, but if you look outside the frit continues much farther than you can see inside & it didn't come off at all.
11) Keep steaming. Do not pull hard! If you pull hard you'll either break the tint and have to start all over, or the whole sheet of tint will come off leaving all of the glue!!!! You don't want this, you want to bring the glue off with both layers of the tint, so go slowly.
12) steam back and forth along the edge you're pulling up. Slowly steam and pull (lightly, more steam = easier to pull) as you go along the window.
13) As you get to the end slow down. If you pull hard at the end you will pull the tint sheet off without bringing the glue with it, then you will have to steam the glue left in the corner and rub it off with a towel (annoying).
14) After the whole sheet is off steam the whole untinted window to see if there is still any glue on the window (it will look like a thin film) If there is glue, wipe it off by taking a clean towel and pressing hard as you wipe. This way the glue will stick to the towel and come off. If you press too lightly the glue will ball up and fall inside your car, or smear across the window.
15) Wipe the window and molding dry.
16) Clean the window with Windex (why not, you're already right there).
17) Open next beer & proceed to next window.
SachaJ3 months ago

These instructions worked amazingly!!! After pealing off the tint, I used Goo Gone and Goof Off to get the last bits of glue that were still stuck to the glass.

paintphone3 years ago
Defiantly going to try this out, sounds better then the windex and steel wool that the detail shop uses
pdarcy4 years ago
He states not to use a razorblade on the window. I used a small coin like and australian 5 cent coin to assist peeling back the tinting, it did not scratch the glass and was very effective.
Thanks very much for this advice, will try it - I need to remove tinting from windows that now my trees have grown I don't need the tint anymore. I especially appreciate your idea of steaming because it is totally non-toxic with no use of any chemicals at all. Much appreciated!!! Best, Diana Buckland www.dianabuckland.webs.com FLUORIDE INFORMATION AUSTRALIA
I had to remove tint on the drivers and passenger windows of an '03 Mazda 6. Used this method. It worked fabulous. I used those yellow Living rubber gloves to protect my hands from the steam. I had a professional installing film on windows in my home at the same time I was removing this in the garage and he was amazed. Thanks so much
truckin2nva6 years ago
I've been pulled twice for my tint(I live in VA). It's mirrored, therefore illegal. I'm gonna try the steaming method. I know the antenna is in the back windshield(00 Honda Civic). Anyone done a car with that in it with fabulous success? I need reassurance!
The DNR (author)  truckin2nva6 years ago
Truckin' The 97 Prelude has the same kind of antenna and rear defroster. This works great. Enjoy