Introduction: How to Remove Most of the Seeds When Cutting Up a Watermelon

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Step 1. Cut both ends off the watermelon.

Step 1: Cut Lengthwise

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Now make cuts lengthwise about 3-4" deep and 4" apart.

Step 2: Break Along Seed Line

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Step 3. Now hit the melon along one cut strip to break along seed line.
The rind will be about 4-5 mm lower then the other strips. Break off the strip.

Step 3: Remove Seeds

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If all was done right, your strip should have broke on the seed line.
Take a spoon and scrape the seeds off. Don't worry about removing some of the melon around the seeds because it is usually overripe and mushy anyways. Some people think this wasteful but it is an undesirable part of the melon.

Step 4: Slice to Serve

Picture of Slice to Serve

Once seeds are removed cut up the remainder of the strip into pieces to serve. Repeat the process for each remaining strip.
As you continue you will notice that the center of the melon is remaining. Clean the seeds off it and cut it up. This center section is the prime part so put it in a separate bowl and save it for yourself.


batonas (author)2011-07-26

I cut my watermelon in half and eat it with big spoon. I eat the seeds too, seeds are so tastey to me. :D

DDW_OR (author)2008-05-09

that is the best part of being the cook, you have to see if it was cooked correctly ;)

Goodhart (author)DDW_OR2011-07-05

I always thought the best part of being a cook was being able to taste, taste, taste it as it is being made, until it was perfect :-)

Nick11255 (author)2010-05-05

jesus, chill on the post-war... its a watermelon.(which are very good in my opinion.) :) spread the \m/ DEATH METAL \m/ lolz

twilly (author)2010-04-22

 I agree with gmichaelt.  Since the process of "hitting the melon" is applying force at one point, it is confusing as to whether cokecola means "hit down (looking at the picture above) on the watermelon anywhere along the strip on top", or whether he means "hit the melon on one of the ends from left to right (looking the the picture above), with the blow displacing a section of the watermelon.

sthealthraider (author)2009-08-06

I hate seedz!! KILL ALL THE SEEDS !!

EggHead101 (author)2009-07-12

Slice it however you like - you spit the seeds out as you eat it. Great contest when kids are involved and takes no scientific knowlege whatso-ever. Otherwise you are wasting the best part of a tasty melon.

nekoheehee (author)2009-03-05

but thats my favorite part of the melon :O its all gooy and sweet...

cokecola (author)2009-01-16

It states "Now hit the melon along one cut strip".

gmichaelt (author)2009-01-08

Much appreciated; I'll be sure to try it out next time I'm within reach of a whole watermelon. Yum! I'd suggest --most generally-- that authors here get used to thinking in 3- and 4-dimensions, and write their instructions in anticipation of them being read by someone who - or something that - does not have all the materials to hand. More particularly, in Step 3 --which appears as Step 2 by the site's lights-- you (cokecola) say: "Now hit the melon along one cut strip to break along seed line." This directive is not entirely clear; it isn't unambiguous with respect to the line along which the blow is delivered. Is the blow axial/parallel to the axis of the watermelon? Or radial/perpendicular to the axis? It might not make a difference functionally, but I'm not in a position to perform a practical check, as the watermelon I have is only an abstraction...

Blitzy (author)2008-05-12

Why not just cut off one end then stand the melon on that end on a cutting board or in a plate. The next step is to cut off the other end while the watermelon is standing with one end on that plate. You then see the seed line from one end this eliminates all the guesswork and then you take a knife or round device like a round cutter and run it from top to bottom of the melon throw the center out or cut it into small chunks and plant those seeds for your next years garden. then cut the other piece in halves or quarters or more to serve. You idea is a good one however and by the way has anyone ever xrayed a watermelon sorta like a mri on a melon to determine where or if the seeds actual locations can be determined for any melon just by studying the grid patterns on the outside of the melon perhaps these are related.

gizmology (author)Blitzy2008-12-08

No, no, no! Here it is: Why not just cut off one leg, then stand on your other leg while you hold the melon up in the air like you're waving a big round heavy green melon-land flag? The next step is to find a friend with a machete and a good pitching arm (and two legs). You then see that he can get a running start when he pitches the machete at the watermelon, so you hop up and down while he takes the device like a machete and flings it curve-ball-style right towards the center of the melon and --because he's also a magician -- the blade spins down like a ninja and slices the thing through the middle, twists in one decisive motion and carves the seed ring right outta the center, and those seeds fly out into the garden and plant themselves a watermelon tree. This idea is a good one, by the way, because when the watermelon tree is grown tall , you can cut yourself a branch and use it to fashion a brand new leg for yourself, and then the next time you need the seeds sliced out of a watermelon, you won't have to hop, so your friend the pitcher-magician can skip the curveball and just throw a regular old fast one. Moral of the story? "When you gots a magician, you don't need no MRI." Happy Holidays! ;)

fwjs28 (author)gizmology2008-12-08


cokecola (author)Blitzy2008-05-14

In response to Blitzy. Thanks but no thanks for your critical view. Do you think maybe my instructions are based on experience? It is easier to cut the ends off with it laying down. The seedline curves like the rind so there is no "eliminate all the guess work" . Your comment, "You idea is a good one however and by the way has anyone ever xrayed a watermelon" sorry you should have stopped at "You idea is a good one" and left it at that.

ac-dc (author)cokecola2008-05-29

1) yes it is easier to cut both ends off while it's lying on it's side. 2) No you don't need to guess, seeing the end you are better off than just guessing a depth, knowing it curves. It is easier to cut the sides with it on the end once the end was cut. 3) Thank you for your instructable. 4) Be nice, don't be an a _ _ .

cokecola (author)ac-dc2008-12-05

Thank you for your constructive comment.

esotericguy (author)ac-dc2008-06-11


jeffconnelly (author)esotericguy2008-08-30

come on guys, Cokecola just had his watermelon technique put down, and was a little upset. Blitzy, if you think a different technique is better, make an instructable. no one like 3-page comments, especially when you criticize their skills. elocin277 and ac-dc, on instructables there is such thing as a "Be Nice" policy. If you don't like a comment, you can flag it and it will be dealt with. to quote forrest gump, "That's all I have to say about that."

ac-dc (author)jeffconnelly2008-08-31

Jeff, I completely disagree. It would be much better for there to be only one instructable for each of the 80 gazillion possible topics, with all participants' comments contributing to either the best solution or at least offering different alternatives and perspectives. Instead we have people that are essentially trying to censor everything, as if we should just pretend there are only positives and no negatives to any instructable. The ONLY way to know what works best is to contrast with that which isn't best. Sorry but any sane person considers the negatives aspects of anything, and communicatively shares information. There's nothing "nice" about censoring information, nor would it be manageable for everyone to clutter sources of information with large amounts of redundancy. I hope you think about these factors and realize the ultimate goal which isn't a tribute to niceness, it's instructing. The odds are that nomatter who starts a topic, there are bound to be other individuals who have good contributory ideas that improve upon the original idea. That's how we humans built up the world and evolved by sharing information. It wasn't by being nice alone, nor by being nice at the expense of sharing information.

elocin277 (author)cokecola2008-07-23

Wow coke, did your mom not hug you enough or something? What a jerk you are!

cokecola (author)elocin2772008-12-05

I don't need you for my mother either.

MostlyHarmless (author)elocin2772008-10-11

Re-read your own comment and you'll realise how insensitive you yourself are >.>

gizmology (author)2008-05-08

Clarification: when he says the "CENTER" in step 4, he means the heart of the melon -- the very middle. When he talks about the "mushy" part, in step 3, he means the seedy ring *around* the center. He means that you should not spend two hours trying to strain the seeds out of that little ring around the middle -- just scoop out the mushy seedy part. SAVE the melon heart that is enclosed by the mushy part. Ok, now let's start over. You got your melon, see... *cough* Seeds.

cokecola (author)gizmology2008-12-08

Thank you gizmology.

gizmology (author)cokecola2008-12-08

Seven months to the day since I first responded, I get a notification that there's a a new response to my comment. Internet time can sometimes slow conversations down like m...o...l...a...s...s...e...s... which is kinda nice when everything else seems to speed by like a freight train: "Wait, it's OVER? Where'd the time go???" You're welcome, cokecola. :)

timmy1234s (author)gizmology2008-07-04


gizmology (author)timmy1234s2008-07-04

Happy 4th! Can you believe I didn't get any watermelon today? Instead I was at a barbecue taking phone videos of the bottle rockets my stepbrothers and their friends were launching into the firefly-lit sky, and one flew backwards and exploded in my face! BOOM!FAT LIP! I was more shocked than hurt, and Capital - L - Lucky...! Have you ever heard of anyone getting hit in the face with a bottle rocket and NOT going to the E.R.? It's all fun and games until -- well, I guess it's all fun and games STILL. My lucky day, watermelon or no!

YummyPancakes (author)gizmology2008-07-22

You have fireflies where you live? luckyAll we get down here are cicadas-- a LOT of cicadas.

gizmology (author)YummyPancakes2008-07-24

Definitely had a BLAST, yep! ;) ...and I actually don't have fireflies where I live -- not even cicadas. I was visiting my dad in Ohio that weekend, he's the one with the good bugs.

YummyPancakes (author)gizmology2008-07-22

:P All I got was a spark in my eye. Hurt like hell, but I think you're getting all of the July 4th fun!

cokecola (author)gizmology2008-05-14

I believe I wrote it well enough it didn't need interpreted. I think "center" described it better than "heart", that's why I used it. Thanks for stating "you should not spend two hours trying to strain the seeds out" Thank you to those of you who left positive comments.

chardster (author)cokecola2008-07-10

Critisicm is part of making an Instructable.

jesusali (author)cokecola2008-06-27

WOW. Cokecola, you are a JERK! You did NOT write it clearly enough, Gizmology explained it very well and straightened me and probably tons of other people out as to what you intended to say. You should be THANKING GIz instead of sniping at them. You've got a terrible attitude. If you can't handle criticism, don't put things out into the world. Jeeez...

gizmology (author)jesusali2008-07-04

...and Giz thanks YOU, jesusali! ;) (Better late than never!) And happy 4th! Steer clear of facial-rockets (see explanation above).

HA! Well played.

bigscrapkitty (author)2008-05-08

this is a great idea! I'll have to try it - thanks!

cokecola (author)bigscrapkitty2008-12-05


dancingrainhippie (author)2008-08-22

That's a major waste because the part your saying to cut out is the heart and if you get a good watermelon it's the sweetest best part

Did you miss the last line?

nibbler125 (author)2008-11-19

i rember just eatin the watermellon seads and all

pokiespout (author)2008-10-11

Wow, I came here cause I like watermelon, and discover that the author is like the meanest person I have ever encountered on! Coke, there is no need to get all offended and defensive just because people have other ideas! Embrace difference! What works best for you might not work best for others.

denita07 (author)2008-08-30

why thank you Blitzy. this may not work but yours sounds like a winner....

J-Five (author)2008-08-17

one word TNT

claytontheaggie (author)2008-08-10

Wow. Take it easy. It's a watermelon. Cokecola, step outside and count to ten.

neveryona (author)2008-08-10

Okay - You'll be hearing from my lawyer. No more nicey nicey.

marymary (author)2008-08-03

Hi, Just new to this site, don't want to jump in or anything, why can't you all just get along? It's nice to be nice. If someone has a comment that you don't like just let them know in a nice way. Don't be a b***h. Love you all!!

KINGDEADBEAT (author)2008-08-03

Step one: Buy a seedless watermelon Step two: never think of this instructable again

YummyPancakes (author)2008-07-22

Congratulations for getting your Instructable mentioned on the CRAFT magazine blog! I love watermelon, it's really good down here in Texas

Solderguy (author)2008-07-16

That works only if the middle part of the watermelon is mushy. Don't forget to tap the melon with your knuckle to check if it has a hard thick skin .

chirpilittle (author)2008-07-15

aww you scooped the mushy middle part... but that's my favorite part! I always swallow the seeds... nothing ever happened. Good instructions though.

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