How to Remove Rear Struts/shocks





Introduction: How to Remove Rear Struts/shocks

Tools needed will be the proper fitting wrenches and sockets, and a SPECIAL tool named a SPRING COMPRESSOR. Mine was $10 bucks at harbor freight. Very useful.

I'm sure there are better ways of going about this, but if you just have the basic tools and a dirt floor... it'll do. I hope this helps you! Feel free to rate and subscribe to my youtube chan. Take care - Sub.



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    You are fortunate in that your car doesn't require disassembly of the brake hose, like mine--a '90 Corolla. (The line goes through a hole in the strut mount.) It adds a layer of complexity to the job, as the brakes need to be bled afterwards...a distinct PITA in itself. Now I'm wondering if I could dremel out the hole the brake line mounts--and make it a slot--without damaging the fittings. Then I could slide the line in and out as you have apparently done.

    sounds possibly unsafe but... thats totally would I would do lol! That sucks dude. some of these car makers,,, I swear they sit back and laugh at the thought of watching us freak out at stupid stuff like this

    It's not as bad as an alternator R&R...late-80s (88) Accord. The first step, according to the manual, is 'remove the left drive axle' take out the alternator! Fortunately, the interwebs contain a few people who have done this before. Among all the alternative methods was a gem of wisdom; on the fuel-injected Accords, removal of the air cleaner housing (three or four bolts and a couple of hoses) allows the alternator to easily be removed. I wish I'd photographed the process. It would have made a good 'ible. Seriously, folks who designed these things should be sentenced to work on them.....

    That was pretty good. Too bad little handhelds dont come with image stabilization.

    HEyyyyy! Thank you :) Yeah I don't know what happened. It was not like that at all untill I tried to encode it. I did it 3 different times, each time taking about 2 hrs and still this happened. Even when it is still there is an odd wobble. It was recorded with a Flip Video Mino. If you look at my other vids you will find this does not happen. It's a bummer. Thank you for the comment.