Picture of How to remove scratches from cd/dvd
There's not much you can do with your cd/dvd if it gets scratched but there is a method which I discovered which really works

All you need is:-
Lip balm or Chapstick or Vaseline (any one of these will work)
Lintr free cloth (eyeglass cloth will work)
And most important brain (in a good working condition)

Step 1: Apply Lip Balm

Picture of Apply Lip Balm
Just apply the lip balm on the cd/dvd in a circular motion starting from the center towards the edge.
hotshot712 years ago
What is brain look like and where can u get it
you either have brain or you don't.
you cant get a brain except at a surgeons lab.
try there.
im sorry but i found some brain and it didn't work sorry is there another method you could upload as i have tried car wax, toothpaste, vaseline, cleaning, holding near a light bulb, hair drying it with hot air but nothing works help!
I have all except brain.
How I get it?
I don't have any instructable for that :p
Hey but did it work for you ? If it did not, then please tell so that I can upload another method.