Introduction: How to Remove Sharpie From Converse!

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 This will show you a simple and effective way to remove pesky sharpie drawings from the rubber of your Converse!

Step 1: What You Will Need...

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 1. Nail Polish Remover
 2. A sheet of 120 grit sandpaper and a sheet of 80 grit sandpaper (optional)
 3. A washcloth or paper towels.
 4. Patience!

Step 2: Rubrub!

 Wet the washcloth with some nail polish remover and rub the rubber until the sharpie is smeared well. If you used black sharpie, it should look sorta purple by now.

Step 3: Wipe

 Wipe the shoe dry.

Step 4: Sandpaper!

 Start with the 80grit if you have one, and sand off the sharpie, wiping the shoe down occasionally.
(I wet the sandpaper with the nail polish remover as well)
This process takes the longest.
Continue to sand and wipe until the sharpie is gone!
You'll want to switch to the 120 grit when the sharpie is getting really faded, so the rubber will stay smooth

Step 5: Clean and You're Done!

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 Wash off the shoe with plain water and dry!
If you plan on drawing on your shoe again, I advise you to choose your design wisely, the sandpaper wears off some of the rubber and may damage the shoe if you clean it more than once.


allisone1 (author)2015-04-18

you don't know she might of just wrote on one shoe and left the other one clean


march1234 (author)2011-08-27

the odd thing is that you switched shoes for the before and after pic

mbaker10 (author)2011-08-05

Mr clean majic eraser will clean anything off of rubber!! :)

chosenangelx (author)2011-07-20

uhhhh Just FYI the larger the number the finer the sandpaper is from 1200 being very fine and 200 being most coarse ..... the 80 will completely destroy your converse.. Just helpful tips =)

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