Picture of How to remove spills from a felt chair!!
I recently spilled hot chocolate on my white felt chair and a great friend showed me how to fix and remove the stain.  So, right now, THANKS GOOD FRIEND!!

Step 1: Items Needed

Picture of Items Needed
What you need is a little bit of Lemon Fresh publix dishwashing soap, a small bowl, and a washcloth.
At first I thought it was salt! Salt plus water does wonders on difficult stains, sans bleach. Have you tried this on darker colors/ other textures?
ediecago4 years ago
I don't know if the soap you used is designed to be put in a dishwasher, but if it is, it could contain a bleaching agent (most dishwasher soaps do). That might be fine on pure white chairs, but a dish soap used for handwashing might be better for cleaning without bleaching.
Goalie1 (author) 4 years ago
If you have any constructive criticism it would be very much appreciated. Thanks!!