How to remove the cap on a Swiffer Wet-Jet cleaner bottle.

Picture of How to remove the cap on a Swiffer Wet-Jet cleaner bottle.
In this, my first instructable, I'll show you how to remove that pesky cap on your swiffer wet-jet bottle that makes it impossible to refill and causes you to buy their overpriced solution. All you'll need is a pair of fingernail/toenail clippers and a pot of boiling watter (and the bottle of course).
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Step 1: Removing The Cap

Picture of Removing The Cap
In a small pot, bring just enough water to cover the cap to a boil. Once you've brought it to a boil, place the bottle, cap first, into the water. After about a minute and a half, remove the bottle from the water, and give the cap a good, hard twist. It should pop right off as the boiling water will have softened the plastic cap.

Step 2: Making the Cap PERMANENTLY Removeable.

Picture of Making the Cap PERMANENTLY Removeable.
When you get the cap off, you'll see that it has a number of prongs which cause it to catch on the bottle. With a pair of finger nail clippers, remove these prongs. You could also use an exacto knife, or even a razor blade, but I had a pair of clippers sitting around when I thought about doing this.

Step 3: Refill the Bottle

Now you're ready to refill the bottle with your cleaner of choice. Vinegar and Water, Pine-sol, or anything else you may want to clean your floors with. Place the cap back on the bottle firmly and you're good to go.

Hope this saves you some cash in the long run.
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oatesfive6 days ago
NowI can make my own cleaning concoction!

So has anyone come up with a good cleaning formula in leu of the Swiffer wood cleaning formula? I'm allergic to it, and it's expensive too.

vinegar & water work best for hardwood.

OwenL21 month ago

Thanks a million!

snackcake11 month ago

it worked like a charm. a little time-consuming but it's worth it. i also rinse out the pads and reuse them a few times. thank you so, so, so much. i love you.

prusheed2 months ago
Yay! Thank you so much!
cylverdust2 months ago

whoo hoo.. thanks .. wonderful...I am so happy that I can do this now.. made it reuseable!!!

AWESOME!!! just used hot water from faucet and a handy tool that opens any bottle of any size. :) BOOYAH!

vickie.roskom3 months ago

Ijust did this only I boiled water dipped in cover and took off filled and moped away lol to funny.

vickie.roskom3 months ago

Ijust did this only I boiled water dipped in cover and took off filled and moped away lol to funny.

This is a really helpful instructable. Because we had them, and because my husband looks for the easier, faster way to do things, he tried channellock pliers as the water was coming to a boil. He then opened and closed the bottle a few times without snipping off the ribs inside the lid. All told this method, while far less elegant then the one outlined in cpd-trigger's post, took about thirty seconds.

Thanks. This helped me out this morning. Now I can mop :D

michelled134 months ago
I was able to use this technique for the Shark Steam Energized cleanser bottle! Thank you sooooo much!
gruberman1 year ago

You just saved me HUNDREDS of dollars a year buying needless refills for our otherwise-great and much loved Shark Steam & Spray Mop. I've been looking for a way to refill the Shark Energized Cleaner bottle, as we go through them WAY too quickly, and they are expensive! (Even more expensive than Swiffer WetJet bottles.) The 90 seconds in very hot water advice did the deed, after weeks of me trying to figure out how to get that darn cap off! However, unlike Swiffer bottles the cap does not have a few prongs on it. Rather the entire rim of the cap itself is lined with ridges that catch into a locking ring where the cap end meets the bottle right after the screw threads. So I'll have to do this technique each time I want to refill the bottle … but that's no big deal compared to spending anywhere from $6 to $8 for a bottle that lasts at best for 3-4 cleanings!!

joann49 gruberman5 months ago

Not to worry just did the hint and already had to refill the bottle and did not have to put in boiling water again. Loved this tip

just use a pair of channel locks

The water worked great to get it off; but instead of toenail clippers i used my dremel ( little rotary sander!) and it came off perfectly.
KickChick5 months ago

Just what I was looking to do! Very cool and easily done! I did the hot water in the microwave instead of boiling. I wasn't dipping it long enough the first few times, so the 4th time I reheated the water and held the top of the bottle in there until air bubbles started to come out and it came off slick as a whistle! Toenail clippers to get the plastic "hangnails" and I am now enjoying my geranium scented, way cheaper, cleaner! Oh, and there are no leaks either (just in case you're wondering)!

P.S. I did try one of those razor blade type carpet knives, but the tabs are so tiny I was more likely to slip and slice my fingers, so I went back to the clippers. I figure if it gets kind of stuck because I didn't get them all off enough, I can reheat again and reclip! Happy swiffering!

Thank you so much for posting this! Along side with the homemade solution i am looking forward to saving buckets of money!

NicoleC26 months ago

OMG. Can't wait to get home to try this. I sometimes use my mop, like when I was a child, because I don't want to use all the solution up because I don't have the money to buy more at that time lol. Thanks!!!!!!!!

emcd7 months ago

thank you .....worked like a charm :)

barkerk17 months ago

i just put some water in a cup and put it in the microwave like ur making tea and then dunked the bottle in it its much quicker than boiling water on the stove and it worked

Wow, thanks this will save me a ton of money!!! :)

harrisw8 months ago

Worked great on the Shark bottle too. .

Used vice grips.

KISS method is always the best.


mkessler19 months ago
I skipped the boiling water. just grabbed my vice-grips and it came right off. Don't grab it too tightly, you may damage the lid. I trimmed the prongs with nail clippers and it works like a charm. picture is trimmed cap.
jkumin110 months ago
I've developed a one step version where you take a pair of vice grips, and just use those instead of wasting time waiting for water to boil.
sallynilly11 months ago

This was so helpful! My daughter bought me one of these and while I really liked it - that dinky bottle of stuff was made to be replaced by only another bottle of cleaner that for the size and price was really stupid. I am super frugal/cheap and this was not going to work for me. Even buying batteries for a cleaning appliance was pushing it for me as was buying 'new' wipes after throwing dirty ones away.

While removing the lid was easy after the 'bath' in boiling water - hint - the lid turns clockwise, the little nubs that lock the bottle to the device were already kind of flattened out, but I clipped into to rim before the twist part and that keeps the lid from locking onto to base. It's not loose, it's just easier to remove.

I added my dollar store cleaner and some water, put a dollar store, washable 'microfiber' towel on the bottom where the velcro is and cleaned away.

nbattaglia1 year ago
Thanks for this !
Got it off and snip snip snip - easy as pie! The mister is headed to the store to get me some Pine Sol. Let's hope the sprayer works without a hassle!
zuckerrr2 years ago
I just did that and after some trying got off the lid, clipped the inside pieces- but alas, when i refilled it and put it back on, no liquid came out.. Any idea why this could be? I'm trying to understand the mechanics of it, but im not even sure through which hole the liquid is supposed to go out..
I couldn't get the sprayer to work after I hacked it and replaced it with my own cleaner either. I have found the Clorox mop doesn't have a welded on lid though and can be easily removed to refill.
garyncarol2 years ago
just get a pair of channel lock pliers. I've been refilling for years that way.It twists right off. Forget the hot water.
Lalena2 years ago
T his is great! Now I don't have to spend all my money on refills. Thanks for this instructables.
zomfibame3 years ago
Haaaa! ... I wish I'd seen this instructable last week.... I was in the mood to clean my floors, but in in the mood to fight with that cap..... I just took my Dremmel-tool and cut a very small triangle shaped hole in the "bottom" of the bottle. when it is in the Swiffer upside-down the hole is on top. I poured some lemon scented ammonia and warm water in it. It works like a charm........ as long as you don't lean it back too far going under the coffee table while it's full to the top. Man I wish I'd seen this ibble before hacking a hole in that bottle.
kbell83 years ago
Not only can your Refill Your Swiffer Wet Jet, and also make Re-usable pads. Check out this tutorial: She sure did an amazing job at explaining everything as well with her photos.
Faquad4 years ago
Thank you very much. My wife just bought one of these yesterday, and the refill it came with was empty when I tried it out only moments ago.

I found the water doesn't need to BOIL, just be VERY hot. Then, rather than clipping the "teeth", I just cut that whole ring away with a sharp utility knife.

Now I can just mix water and a bit of cleaner. WHOO! looking at only pennies to refill now, rather than $5+ for the damn things!
kbell8 Faquad3 years ago
You can also make reusable pads for it
lurarose4 years ago
Thanks, now I can use the Swiffer Wet-Jet that my daughter left for me. I had tried many times to get that darn lid off but was unable to. Just hope I didn't throw the bottle away. Guess I will find out when I go to the basement to retrieve it.

Would also like to be able to make re-useable pads for it. I will keep looking on this site. Thank again
ciyona lurarose3 years ago

This is where you can learn to make cloths to fit your swiffer if you don't have it by now. Hope it helps.
kbell8 ciyona3 years ago
Yes you can your Refill Your Swiffer Wet Jet, and also make disposable pads. Check out this tutorial: She sure did an amazing job at explaining everything as well with her photos.
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