Picture of How to remove the engine from a '96 Camaro
Every once in a while, there comes the need to remove the engine from your vehicle. This could be for several reasons; to replace the engine, to rebuild it, to clean it, or just to change one part on it. I have created a short set of instructions here that aren't too specific. This will focus around the LT1 platform engine in a 1996 Camaro, but the process is relatively the same for most other situations. I don't recommend a novice mechanic trying to take on a task like this. If you're unfamiliar with a lot of technical car parts and processes, this isn't for you. If everything were to be documented on removing an engine, you'd end up with a novel to read. With that being said, good luck and remember to just have fun with it.
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Step 1: Remove Air Intake

Picture of Remove Air Intake
First things first, remove the air intake all the way up to the throttle body. There may be a mass air flow sensor that will need to be disconnected as well. Usually, all this can be removed with just a spade bit screwdriver. After all this is removed, there will more room to get at the radiator and all the water hoses.

Step 2: Remove Radiator and Water Hoses

Picture of Remove Radiator and Water Hoses
Next, you'll want to find a couple pans to set under the vehicle and a whole lot of rags. First, there will be a fan housing in front of the radiator. That just needs to be unscrewed and taken out. Then the water hoses need to be disconnected from the radiator. This will cause all the fluid in there to drain out, and it's very difficult to catch it all. Once the hoses are disconnected, there will be a couple screws under the radiator holding it in place. If at all possible, try and slide the radiator up without needing to remove the AC condenser. If the AC condenser is in the way, that'll will need to be removed as well. That however is very difficult to do, and I would recommend having that professionally done. 
trevmust1 year ago
easiest way to pull an engine on a 93+ f-body is to drop the k-member
juce662 years ago
I find it hard to believe its so simple, when it comes to the hard bits you say get it done professionally, more detailed photos would be a great help
xxmasimoxx (author)  juce662 years ago
As long as you know a decent amount about cars, nothing should be too difficult. The biggest catch, is that on some vehicles, the lines for the AC system are solid. If that's the case, and they are in the way of other parts, the whole system would need to be uncharged. That is quite dangerous since the fluid in there isn't exactly good for ones health. And to recharge the AC system afterwards, you would need way more than what you can get at your local Walmart.
Are you starting an overhaul?
xxmasimoxx (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
Yea, I spun a bearing around the driveshaft at the end of the summer. Im going to do a complete rebuild on the engine.