rename a file to anything:
1) copy cmd.
2) paste cmd in the directory of the file to be changed
3) open the new cmd and type the folowing:

rename "name.type" "newname.type"

*Note: do not actually type this word for word! type for example

rename himynameisbob.rtf himynameisbillybobjoefromidaho.txt
4) press enter!

Step 1: Make It Invisible

ever wondered how to make a file dissappear?
copy cmd
paste cmd in the folder's location
type this into the new cmd:

ATTRIB +s +h +r "name"

press enter
watch it dissappear.
if you need to access the folder, type it's directory into the address bar

Step 2: Having Fun With .zip Files

Know that you know how, create a .zip and put anything in it. try renaming it to test.funnystuffilearnedonline
reverse that step and take alook inside! Nothing changed!

Thanks for reading, i will soon post a vbs and bat tutorial!
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