Picture of How to paint your room?
Usually a room needs to be repainted every 4 - 5 years. It should be done when there's as little moisture as possible. But because we'r talking about repainting indoors and usually rooms are heated moisture is not such big problem.

Notice. old paint becomes brighter with time

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Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools
Tools you'll need:
- 1x 1liter of diluent: nitro or synthetic
- 2 rollers with handles. Size: big and small
- 1x masking tape also known as crepe tape. Size: wide
- 1x plastic net for removing excess paint from the roller (don't know the translation)
- 1x brush. Width: 5 cm
- 1x scraper. Width: 5cm
- clean plastic or wooden stick to mix the paint
- 1x 20l bucket or a tray
- 2x rags
- sandpaper type P150 or more
- 1 week of daily newspaper and/ or special lightweight blancket
- 1x yogurt container

Mentioned tools can be bought in shops but you can use homemade tools just check that tools are clean. Rollers can be bought separately from handles just make sure thay can really spin freely. The bucket should be big enough to mount 'the net'. Also keep in mind the bucket will probably be scrapped after the job (!).

Dress and shoe something appropriate for the job because that too can be scrapped. If you will paint also the ceiling, you should use a cap.

tinker2343 years ago
wow thank you my sister wants to paint her room