Step 2: Opening the adapter

Picture of Opening the adapter
The adapter did'nt work anymore. strange noise. using the multitester I noticed that the ground and Volt pin where short-circuited!
I supposed the problem should be in the cable. Time to open the black box!

Memo: Before going any further, unplug everything!

The box is made of two plastic shells fused together, there are no screws or clips, the only way to open it is cutting the junction line. Using dremel with cutting tip it take just 5 minutes. Luckly the inner circuit is protected by a metallic shell, so don't be too worried to cut something inside, just take your time and be very careful near the input and output cable.
When you can see metal on all the sides, gently open the plastic shell. there is some glue to keep all together, but it will surrender soon.
reloadx3 years ago
Instead of cutting all the way around the plastic adapter box with the dremel, you can cut just a slit so that you can insert a flat head screwdriver into it and then when you twist the screwdriver, the plastic box pops open. It's a little faster, it looks cleaner, because you only cut a little slit and since it kind of snaps it back into place, it makes it easier to glue.
killbox3 years ago
I usually use a wood working chisel. ive also used an exacto knife screwed into a soldering iron as a "hot knife"
Love the hot knife idea! I'm going to try that on something!
here you go, its a little slap and dash. need to take photos of the one I made/use at home. Rather than the new one I just made for Quelab (our local Hackerspace)