Picture of How to repair a broken nail
The easiest trick! Repair your broken nail in seconds!!!! :D
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Step 1: A tragedy! :D

Picture of A tragedy! :D

No no no! Don't worry! You can fix it!!!! :P

Step 2: What you'll need

Picture of What you'll need
1. a tea bag
2. a base coat
3. Nail polish.

Step 3: The tea bag

Picture of The tea bag
Take your tea bag and cut the top off. Empty out the guts, because you won’t need them.
Then Cut out a small, rectangular section of it

Step 4: Cover your nail

Picture of Cover your nail
Apply the basecoat. While it’s still mostly wet, position the rectangle of tea bag so that it completely covers the crack with room to spare underneath.

Step 5: Let it dry and apply nail polish

Picture of Let it dry and apply nail polish
And it's that easy, yes, you're done!!!! 
Fishyfish1239 months ago
Do one on normal nails!

No way! if a "normal" nail is broken...only a doctor would repair it!!! Ah, and it's very painful and would make a gross tutorial... :( While this is a simple beauty tip... I don't think I would ever do more than this... :(

rimar200011 months ago


Thank you!!! :D