Picture of How to repair a broken welding screen foot
This is an Instructable that shows how to do a quick repair to a broken welding screen foot. The foot is a basic "T" that just broke apart at the weld. This "T" gets inserted into the pipe of the screen frame and gets secured with a thumb screw, so to repair it I just quickly welded it back together.

Step 1: Sandblast the broken parts

Picture of Sandblast the broken parts
Sandblast the area on the broken parts where you plan on putting the new weld.
This is an excellent Instructable that can guide people on how to repair all kinds of broken welds.
oldmicah2 years ago
Silly question, b/c I know little about welding the proper way ... The sandblasting step is just to remove oxidation from the weld site correct? I.e. sanding with steel wool/abrasives could accomplish same thing, correct?

many thanks!