This Instructable shows how to repair a hole in sheetrock. This method works for holes from about 1/2 inch to 2 inches across.

Smaller than 1/2 inch, just fill it in with spackling or sheet rock mud.
Larger than 2 inches, use the method of a board behind the patch.

I'll show you the method that I use. I like to use joint compound rather than spackling, but that is a choice for you. The pictures don't show the actual sheetrock mud, just the method used.

Step 1: Make the Patch

Use a piece of drywall 3-4 inches bigger than the hole you are repairing.

Turn the patch over so that you see the back of it.

Use a drywall knife to cut a "tic-tac-toe" pattern on the back of the piece.
The center square should be larger than the hole you are repairing.

Bend the pieces away from you and remove each piece, leaving the center square intact.
well done!
For larger holes that is perfect. for smaller holes, this is exactly how I was trained to sort this sort of thing out, the only thing to be cautious of is making sure the plaster part of the patch is as close to the size of the hole as possible, i'd recommend squaring the damage hole off first to make the fit perfect
Hi David. I have a small trick up my sleeve. Let&acute;s say that the hole is 15cm in length. Take a piece of wood and make it 18cm in length. At the middle of the wood, screw in a screw so that it is firm and tight and not loose, use the screw as a finger handle and insert it diagonally behind the hole. While holding the piece of wood &quot; now behind the hole &quot; screw in a screw on each side. So that the wall holds the piece of wood and plaster the hole, when the first layer has dried, plaster again and let that dry and then sand.<br>Hope that it made since. Sincerely iq0100
That's a great method, also. I actually use that method quite a bit, but for larger holes. Thanks
Thanks, Bakunin, for the positive comments. I remodel houses and I use this technique pretty often.
A time-honored technique!<br /><br />What a great Instructable. You took plenty of pictures and added clarifying notes to them.<br /><br />It actually brought back memories of when I learned to do this. Huzzah!

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