Ok, lets picture the problem, you've bought several USB mice over too small amount of time because the silly things keep breaking. Your latest mouse keeps cutting out and to get it working again you need to wiggle the cable around the USB plug. That is what I've been putting up with.

Because I have to wiggle the cable around the USB end to get it working it was pretty evident that the problem was one or more broken wires within the USB plug. Hence the solution was to strip the plug apart, cut out the dodgy cable and re-solder the cable onto the plug.

Needless to say I wrote this instructable with a nice working mouse! Oh and this is my first instructable, so enjoy!

Step 1: Cut Off & Cut Open

I know where the problem area is (if you don't know try wiggling the wires and see what happens) so the first thing is to chop off the USB plug ready to be worked with.

Next we stand the plug on its side, with the exposed metal part up in the air. The exposed metal is the bit you want to hold onto so you don't cut your fingers. Now using a stanley knife or similar to cut one side of the plug. (See the photos!) You want to use a fair amount of pressure whilst moving downwards with the knife, just please please please be careful not to cut yourself.

You want to cut until you can part the whole rubber/plastic casing and extract the metal innards. Hopefully you shouldn't have to cut the other side of the plug.
Sweet, I have a super gaming mouse I love but the manufacturer sent the USB plug in a bent manner (it was ordered on ebay). So I had to bend the USB end a bunch to get it to work, I was gonna splice the cords at the end but I wasn't sure what to expect so I Googled it and found this which is really useful. Thanks for the instructable!
<p>i have a ENOR EN-1202-OR usb+cable mouse</p><p>i do not know what the problem is exaclly it could be severals, even i am not going to just cut the cable and do something like that, again, just tell me what is it going to help for? im asking because im sorry but i had not read the whole thing here</p>
Great Instructable! <br>I have to repair my Seagate USB plug pocket drive. <br> <br>What I am going to do, rather then dismantle the plug end. Just find me, a usb cord <br>that I don't use anymore and snip the end off, but leave about 3 inches of cord. Then just connect the two cords!
Sounds like a good plan to me, in retrospect it may have been easier to replace the entire wire, soldering onto the mouse's PCB, rather than resolder the broken end. <br> <br>The one thing I would be careful with in doing your plan is making sure the correct cores are connected together, colour codes may vary! A continuity meter (available on most multimeters) is an excellent way of ensuring this.
Interesting, I've never destroyed a plug to see what the insides were like. I didnt think they'd be reusable.

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