Picture of How to repair a soaked IPod/IPhone.
I had a little problem that was really bugging me.
My iPod Touch had some problems when I accidentally dropped it into a basin of water.
It was in my chest pocket and fell into the basin when I was washing my face in the morning.
My iPod Touch became unresponsive to touch.
Now I am going to Instruct you guys on how to fix a soaked IPod/IPhone.
Even if it can not start up(unless you really soaked it for like 10 hrs)

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Step 1: Stuff needed

Its Really easy.

What you need:
A ziplock bag
A small bag of silia gel(the one you may find in bottles of pills)
A couple of days.

Step 2: ToDo

Put your iDevice and the silica bag into the ziplock.
Wait for a couple of days and it should work again.
I have done this a couple of times and it always works.
You can leave some air in the bag when you zip but it would take slightly longer as everyone, except babies, knows that air has water vapour and the silica needs time for it to suck the water out of you device.
As I have said previously, if your iDevice still does not work, visit your nearest/best iDevice doctor to fix it
OR go to Apple(not the fruit)

P.S. Make very sure that your ziplock bag is airtight.
Try checking by filling it with air,zipping it up and then pressing on it.
If i depresses slowly, you can still use it, but not if it depresses in one second. This means that the bag is not airtight and the process would take far longer.
CementTruck3 years ago
We were on a boat a while back and water got splashed on my cell phone. It still worked, but there was water in between the capacitive screen layers. I could not shake it out. I put my phone in a resealable bag full of dry, uncooked rice, and the rice pulled the moisture out of the phone.

chua_erei (author)  CementTruck2 years ago
Works as well, but sillica gel seems to work better/faster.
lemonie3 years ago

Silica gel.