How to Repair a Solar Powered LED Garden Light





Introduction: How to Repair a Solar Powered LED Garden Light

This is a guide on how to repair your light if you have had it for a few years and the stress of the outdoors have caused it to stop working.
Honestly, why won't cheap things last longer than five minutes?

Step 1: Take Apart the Light Fitting.

First of all, you need to take apart your light fitting. Usually most lights will be held together by screws around the edge. Just look on the underside and remove any that you find. The glass or plastic cover for the light sometimes twists apart aswell so try that too.
After you have opened it, just take off any big removable parts, taking note on how they assemble so you can fit them back on. Also remove the batteries if they are rechargable. If they are physically attached / soldered in, just leave them as they are.

Step 2: Recharge the Batteries

If the batteries in your light are stuck in, skip this step to step 3.
Place the rechargable batteries into a recharger for a while. If your light hasn't been working for a while, then the solar panel will take a looong time to revive the dead batteries. This will just give the batteries a kick-start so that the solar panel will just top it up during the day.

Step 3: Cleaning Time!

To improve the brightness of your light, you will have to clean the casing. Just clean the see-through cover in hot water and washing up liquid and wipe around the casing. Remove any bugs too!

Next, check the circuit for damage. You should be able to work out something thats stopping the circuit from working. A good indication is rust or broken wires. Where possible, just try to replace the parts. If you haven't got spare wires or a soldering iron, just use wire cutters to strip wires and twist the ends back together. If the switch is broken, you can cut it out and twist the wires together. If the LED isn't very bright, you could consider taking it out and replacing it with a new similar LED of your choice if you know how to.

Step 4: Re-assemble and Huzzah!

Put all your clean and repaired parts back together, along with the partially recharged batteries. (You can try to fill in the gaps with something if you want to prevent bugs from getting in).
Then Stick your finger over the Light Dependent resistor (usually next to the solar panel) and turn it on. Does the LED light up? Hooray! :) Congratulations on fixing your old light. Now just stick it back in your garden and enjoy it's glowy goodness.

If it doesn't work, you better go back to step 1... :(

Watch this space for more tutorials from Rhodesy.
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Conformal coat the boards with clear nail polish on initial purchase and on repair...the electronics and connections will last MUCH MUCH longer

My solar panel appears to have corroded over time likely due to Chicago winters. Does anyone have a source for these panels that can be retro fitted?

Many thanks

china. ebay them. dirt cheap. if you dont like waiting I've had luck removing the panels from the dollar store garden lights while heating the underside with a heat gun.....not sure if this damages the panel but I heat it just enough to be able to pop away from the adhesive.

for $2 (local dollar store price) you get a solar panel and the neat little circuit inside. Even ebaying them from china would still cost you more than buying it locally and disassembling it.

Nice job though it's more like how to revive a solar garden light, I'm in the process of building new poles for my ones, they're very stylish but my brother and I stumbled over them drunk one too many times...

Same thing happened to the mains operated light...

Lol, how do you trip over a light?! Can you not see it? Drunkards these days, tsch. lol (I suppose in your defence, they could have been off, or discharged.) Like your 'ibles -- do some more!

They're in little bushes and weren't on, also in my defence I had a lot of money that night and was celebrating something...

In defense of both of you, defense is spelled "defenSe" in America but you guys may be from Europe or elsewhere because they spell it with a "c".

Just a note of levity here.

Excellent, I fully condone the odd "tipple" (or five) lol. :-)

I have the same problem, except it's from a sober 4-year-old tromping through the grass and turning the poles into so many shards of useless plastic. I imagine I could go find some PVC pipe of the right diameter.

I was just going to find whatever was handy, I'll give you a shout when I find a random household item to use...